Things To Do Outdoors 

Rochester, NY is home to pristine lake views, beautiful county and city parks, exciting biking trails and so much more making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for charming footpaths, thrilling water excursions, and steep climbs on your next getaway, you’ve come to the right place. An abundance of alfresco adventures await you in the great outdoors of Rochester and the Finger Lakes.

Explore On Two Wheels

Biking in Rochester is as much a sport here as it is a recreational activity. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or an amateur in search of some outdoor fun, hop on two wheels for a local’s perspective, and fly down city streets, up mountains, or through scenic parks. With bike lanes, smooth roadways, and trails, including the Erie Canal and Genesee Riverway trails, Rochester is ideal for all types of cyclists.

If you don’t plan on bringing your bike along, rent one through our city’s bike-share program with locations all across Rochester, or through a local bike shop. 

Take A Hike

Take in the sounds and smells of nature with an afternoon hiking trip. Listen for the chirps of indigo buntings, inhale the sweet scent of the flowering magnolia trees, and feel the crunch of American sycamore leaves beneath your feet on a seasonal Rochester hike. 

Walk paved paths along the Erie Canal, make your way up rocky terrain, or simply take in the views at Cobb’s Hill. Whichever route you pick, Rochester's trailways, pedestrian bridges, and diverse landscapes offer the perfect outdoor escape. 

Make A Splash

Paddling is a popular activity in Rochester, so if the water is calling, be sure to bring your swimsuit and a sense of adventure.

There are many ways to enjoy the surrounding bodies of water. Spend a day kayaking around Lake Ontario, canoeing down the Genesee River, or whitewater rafting with friends and family. Whether you’re a passenger on a motorboat, steering a sailboat, or a spectator of a rowing regatta, there’s never a dull moment on or near the water.

Whether you’re out for fun or food, the waters that surround the Greater Rochester region are sure to satisfy all kinds of anglers on a fishing trip. This relaxing and often rewarding activity combines a bit of sport with a lot of serenity. So hire a charter, climb aboard your own vessel or grab a spot on a dock to cast for salmon, bass, perch, and trout from Lake Ontario and beyond.

Tee Up

If land is your preferred playground, Rochester just happens to be one of the top golf destinations in America and is home to impressive greens that have hosted both the PGA and LPGA championships. With dozens of public and semi-private courses to play on, there’s something for every kind of golfer. 

No matter how you prefer to explore nature, your choices for outdoor adventures in Rochester are limitless.

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