Photo Credit: Brandon Sprung

High Falls

An Urban Waterfall in the Center of Downtown Rochester  

High Falls is the tallest of the three waterfalls on the Genesee River, which flows through the City of Rochester. High Falls is a 96-foot waterfall in the center of downtown Rochester. Enjoy striking views of High Falls from the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge, or from the rooftop of the Genesee Brew House

Surrounding High Falls is Brown’s Race, a National Register Historic District and a city Preservation District. Within the Brown’s Race district visitor can view the footprint of Rochester’s earliest industrial area, which was powered by the Genesee River and High Falls in the 19th century. Take a self-guided walking tour of the High Falls Brown’s Race Historic District with this guide from the City of Rochester. 

High Falls is a must-visit during your next trip to Rochester – where else can you view a 96-foot waterfall in the middle of a downtown cityscape? High Falls is also one of the most popular spots for taking photos in Rochester, NY. Enjoy different views and angles of the falls from the Pont de Rennes bridge, the overlook in High Falls Terrace Park and  the rooftop of the Genesee Brewery, 

Parking is available at the High Falls Parking Garage. On-street parking is also available in the area.