Things to Do

When we say “limitless” we really mean that the list of things to do in Rochester, NY is limitless. From our world-renowned attractions and historic museums to our internationally recognized festivals, Rochester has everything a major metro city has to offer from a cultural standpoint with all the fun and beauty that comes with a four-season adventure destination. With something for everyone, we know that you will be surprised with everything you can see and do within the hidden gem that is Rochester, NY. 

Family-Friendly Attractions 

With more than 100 family-friendly attractions, Rochester is perfect for traveling families

Photography & Film

Thanks to George Eastman and Kodak, Rochester, NY is a film and photography epicenter for anyone interested in the science, technology and history of making pictures or a fascination with the art, drama, and fun of preserving special memories. 

Music Magic 

Hot, cool, rocking, elegant, bluesy, jazzy, danceable—Rochester is a city with an amazing soundtrack. Find live music you’ll love at a variety of music venues including Eastman Theatre—one of the finest concert venues in the country. Or, visit during the Rochester International Jazz Festival

Women’s Heritage & Rights 

Rochester, NY, and the Finger Lakes region are the birthplace of the modern women’s rights movement, with extraordinary women like Susan B. Anthony calling Rochester home, and helping to shape this area and the nation for centuries. Visionaries, leaders, dreamers, reformers—follow their path along the National Women’s History Trail through Rochester, Seneca Falls, and the Finger Lakes. 

Outdoor Adventures 

Bring your bike, your hiking shoes, your paddle, or fishing rod—with more than 12,000 acres of parkland, 100+ miles of well-marked trails, and extensive waterways, Rochester is an exciting adventure for any outdoor enthusiast. As a four-season destination, there is an outdoor adventure for every season including skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing during the winter months. 

Dance, Theatre & Art 

Rochester is the cultural capital of Upstate New York! Named one of the most arts-vibrant cities in the country, Rochester is home to award-winning choreographers—including Garth Fagan, and nationally and internationally acclaimed theatre companies and art galleries. Rochester also has a booming public art scene. 

Eat & Drink

Thanks to its proximity to the Finger Lakes, one of the most agriculturally abundant regions in the country, it’s not hard to find creative cuisine and delectable drinks in Rochester. 

Golfer’s Paradise

Golf Magazine ranked Rochester, NY as the #10 Best Golf City in the U.S.–and #1 for Golf Affordability. Be sure to pack your clubs because you’ve got a tee time in Rochester.

African-American Heritage  

Rochester is proud of its African-American heritage and provides ongoing learning and support of the community through programs, festivals, and celebrations that happen throughout the year and on an annual basis. Did you know that Frederick Douglass called Rochester home from 1847-1872? Rochester is the city where he lived longer than anywhere else in his life and where many of his greatest accomplishments took place. 

The Flower City 

Edwardian nurserymen, horticulturists, famous landscape designer- Frederick Law Olmsted, and a visionary industrial philanthropist began Rochester’s legacy of beauty with an international reputation for excellence as the “Flower City.” Highland Park is home to the largest display of lilacs in North America and is celebrated annually during the Rochester Lilac Festival


From top-notch malls to hand-crafted local goods at specialty boutiques, Rochester has it all.