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2024 Visitor Industry Council Committees

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff. Visit Rochester members are invited to join forces with their fellow members on a committee and/or task force of interest.

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VIC Leadership Task Force

Chair: John Tassone
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca

In the summer months; this task force will facilitate 1-3 meetings with the membership to tackle a question/ questions important to the Visitor Industry Council. These roundtable discussions will be open to all members, especially those that are interested in learning more about taking on leadership roles within the VIC and helping to shape its future.

Event Services Forum

Co-Chairs: John Tassone, Jen Gallo
Staff Liaisons: Amanda Fox, CMP

This group will serve to convene and educate the services segment of Visit Rochester members on upcoming groups and opportunities to enhance the attendee experience while fostering increased engagement with annual groups meeting in Rochester.  The group will also work to assess Visit Rochester event service offerings for opportunities for enhancement.  Group will meet quarterly in 2024.

The task force will gather for events over the following months: May-November.

I.D.E.A. Committee 

Co-Chairs: Shane Tavolino, Rebecca Griffin
Staff Liaisons: Diana Keating, Amanda Fox, CMP

The committee will focus on the community as a destination, through the lens of four pillars: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (I.D.E.A). They will work to partner with community entities to develop best practices for becoming or enhancing inclusive amenities to all abilities including but not limited to; blind and visually impaired, hard of hearing and wheelchair accessibility resources. The group will continue to bring resources to the membership to strengthen their knowledge and engagement in these areas.

“ROC For A Reason” Task Force 

Chair: Toni Lynd
Staff Liaisons: Greg LaDuca, Elena Oyer 

This task force will look for ways to share and support community needs throughout the year. They will work to identify local organizations that may be in need of volunteer time, donations and/or services. The task force will share this information and invite members to unite and give back in 2024.  If you and/or your member organization are looking to give back to the community and enjoy networking with your fellow VIC attendees, this committee will be the perfect fit!

Membership Engagement Committee

Chair: Renee Veniskey

Staff Liaison: Elena Oyer 

This committee will continue to focus on boosting engagement with existing members, encouraging them to utilize all their member benefits, while working to attract new individuals and organizations to Visit Rochester. They will do this through a series networking events throughout the community, with a goal of 3-4 events for 2024 as well as supporting other VIC Committees and Task Force events. If you are looking to grow your network, or if you enjoy planning events and exploring new member locations, this committee might be for you. 

NYS Association Sales Committee 

Co-Chairs: Andrew Patel, Noelle Whitford
Staff Liaison: Alicia Gazda

The NYS Assn. Sales Committee will focus on the Albany region to maintain a presence in this market and continue to foster relationships. The committee will focus on planning and executing a two-day Albany sales blitz that will end with a client event.  The committee will have the benefit of maintaining relationships and prospecting the NYS Association market for their organization.  This is a great opportunity for not only hotel sales managers but for non-hotel partners that are looking to enhance the convention attendee experience.

Young Professionals Committee

Co-Chairs: Susanna Meyer, Kyle DeBrine
Staff Liaisons: Emma Quinn, Gabby Garcy, Elisa Everett

This committee is geared towards empowering those who are just starting out in their career to become forward-thinking professionals dedicated to shaping the future. The group will strive to cultivate a safe space where members can work on developing their professional skills through workshops, networking opportunities and more. If you are striving to become a future leader or see yourself as a trailblazer, this committee is for you.

Communications Committee

Chair: Kira Sandoval
Staff Liaisons: Rachel Laber Pulvino, Gabby Garcy

This committee will work to bond the social media, PR and communications communities in our region to create one voice as we work to promote Rochester and the Finger Lakes region to visitors.  Activities will include networking and round table discussions about the issues that affect us. Communications professionals are encouraged to participate in this committee.

College Collaboration Committee

Chair: Julia Pagano, Ashley Fico
Staff Liaisons: Elisa Everett, Greg LaDuca

This committee will build upon and expand Visit Rochester’s presence on college and university campuses at new student orientation events. The committee will be tasked with finding new and engaging ways to interact with college and university staff that oversee the student experience. This committee is suited for those that benefit from visitation by students and their parents.

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