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2022 Visitor Industry Council Committees

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff. Visit Rochester members are invited to join forces with their fellow members on a committee and/or task force of interest.

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VIC Leadership Committee

Chair: Deb Ross
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca

Past leaders of the Visitor Industry Council will run the VIC Leadership Committee.  Through a series of events, the VIC Leadership Committee will educate Visit Rochester members on what it takes to be a leader within the Visitor Industry council and their community.  Members will have the ability to take this knowledge and experience back to their organizations and other areas where they seek growth. 

Local Contact Advisory Council 

Chair: Justin Cheshire 
Staff Liaison: Rich Mackey 

The Local Contact Advisory Council will heighten the awareness of Rochester’s capability to host future meetings, tournaments, and other events, through the Recommend Rochester program. The Council will also work with Visit Rochester staff to identify and cultivate area residents who have influence within organizations and can help invite them to bring a meeting or event to the area. This committee is geared towards community connectivity; consider joining this committee if you are interested in introducing the mission of Visit Rochester to others within your personal or professional network.

Event Enhancement Committee

Chair: Susie Sieling
Staff Liaison: Amber Brewer 

This committee will work to enhance the athlete and visitor experience for selected key events happening in the Rochester market in 2022. Members will brainstorm ways to increase excitement for annual events and utilize community connections to create and implement memorable moments for attendees visiting Rochester.  This committee is geared towards utilizing your organization/company, facilities, services, etc. while enhancing events in Rochester. With your creativity and expertise, we can create some memorable experiences for both our visitors and your staff.

“ROC For A Reason” Task Force 

Chair: Tai Wright
Staff Liaison: Elena Oyer 

This task force will look for ways to share and support community needs during these unusual times. Over the next few months the task force will identify local organizations that may be in need of volunteer time, donations and/or services.  They will share this information and encourage members to unite to give back in 2022.  If you are looking to give back to your community and enjoy networking with your fellow VIC members this committee will be the perfect fit!

I.D.E.A. Committee 

Chair: Kat Ball
Staff Liaison: Diana Keating & Amanda Fox 

The committee will focus on the community as a destination, through the lens of four pillars: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA). They will work to partner with community entities to develop best practices for becoming or enhancing inclusive amenities to all abilities including but not limited to; blind and visually impaired, hard of hearing and wheelchair accessibility resources. The group will also work with these entities to develop and schedule a minimum of 4 trainings throughout the year for Visit Rochester members and their staff.

NYS Association Task Force 

Chairs: Kim Tanner and Caitlin Harris
Staff Liaison: Alicia Gazda

The NYS Assn. Task Force will focus on the Albany region to maintain a presence in this market and continue to foster relationships. The task force will focus on planning and executing a member/client event to bring to Albany along with a sales blitz.  Members of this task force will also actively assist in the planning for the ESSAE Trade Show that will occur in May.   Members of this committee will benefit if they are in involved in the NYS Association market for their organization.

Membership Engagement Committee

Chair: Jess DeCotis

Staff Liaison: Elena Oyer 

This committee will focus on boosting engagement with existing members, encouraging them to utilize all of their member benefits, while working to attract new individuals and organizations to Visit Rochester in a less formal way.  They will do this through a series networking events.  If you are looking to grow your network, or if you enjoy planning events, this committee might be for you. 

Social Media Committee

Chair: Paige Engard
Staff Liaison: Regan Wagner & Rachel Laber 

Join social media and digital communication managers from Visit Rochester member organizations to discuss and learn how they are managing social and digital strategies and tactics in 2022. The committee is a collaborative network focused on education, discussing best practices, and sharing case studies on the ever-changing social and digital communication landscape. 

Tour & Travel Committee

Staff Liaison: Diana Keating & Holly Avino 

This committee will focus on recovery efforts to keep Rochester top of mind as a preferred destination and stopover for future travel trade and group tour programs. Members will work collaboratively to develop new virtual selling methods and continued focus on communication with prospects and booked business and also determine how future health and safety standards will impact group travel and group size. The committee meets quarterly. 

Local Influencer Task Force 

Chair: Megan Colombo
Staff Liaison: Rachel Laber

This task force will work on identifying and connecting with local social media influencers. The task force will also focus on planning an event designed for local influencers this spring. 

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