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Finger Lakes

Thanks to the Ice Age glaciers’ thoughtful redesign of the New York State landscape

10,000 years ago, Western New York has near‐perfect geologic and climatic features for grape growing. And where grapes thrive, wineries usually follow.

New York State boasts some of the best wines in the United States. Over 100 of its wineries (half of the total number in the state) are located in the Finger Lakes Region, one of the world’s premier wine regions. Finger Lakes wineries, which are all within a 90‐minute drive of Rochester, produce 85 percent of New York State wines. In fact, Casa Larga Vineyards is just 20 minutes from downtown.

Many wine publications consider the Finger Lakes vineyards to be the most important for wine production in this country. The Vinifera Revolution, which proved that European grapes could not only thrive outside Europe but also produce world‐class wines, was born in the Finger Lakes region.

The grapes’ success is due to the influence of the Finger Lakes themselves. Each lake acts as a natural air conditioner, keeping its surrounding hillsides warmer in summer and cooler in winter. This serves as an insulating blanket for the vines, preventing them from experiencing the extreme temperature swings that can be so destructive to the quality of the grapes and the vines themselves. The results are wines of extraordinary quality.

Major wine trails in the region:

Seneca Lake Wine Trail

Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail

Keuka Lake Wine Trail

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

Lake Ontario Wine Trail

Culinary Experiences:

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