If you’re planning to road trip to Rochester, NY in April for the Total Solar Eclipse, there are a few things you should know before you go! Start planning your getaway using our resource as a guide to make your visit as easy and effortless as possible.


#1 Know Your Dates

The eclipse will take place at 3:20pm on Monday, April 8, 2024—but coming in on the day of the eclipse isn’t advised. Rochester is the largest eastern-most city along the path of Totality, so crowds will be higher on that day and traffic might be slow. The last thing you want is to risk missing the moment! Consider coming in for the weekend to experience a whole host of eclipse-themed events and celebrations. Extend your stay through Monday night and #TakeTuesdayToo to enjoy a more relaxed departure.


#2 Know Your Route

Getting to Rochester is a breeze! If you own a vehicle or have the ability to rent, you can travel the major roadways to get here:

  • I-476N to I-81N—Coming from the south Pennsylvania area, travel up Route 476 to Route 81 to connect with the New York State Thruway.
  • I-87 to I-90 W—Coming from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio or within eastern New York State, connect to I-90 and take one of three exits for Rochester: Exit 45 to Victor/I-490, Exit 46 to Rochester/I-390, and Exit 47 to LeRoy/I-490.
  • I-90 E – Coming from Ohio, hop directly onto I-90 E for a straight shot into Rochester, NY.
  • I-476 N to I-390 N—Coming from the south, travel up through the Finger Lakes to arrive directly into Rochester via I-390N.


Rochester is close to many major cities, including:


Cleveland, OH – Approx. 250 miles or 4 hours

Pittsburgh, PA – Approx. 280 miles or 4.5 hours

Philadelphia, PA – Approx. 340 miles or 5.5 hours

Albany, NY – Approx. 225 miles or 3.5 hours

Boston, MA – Approx. 400 miles or 6 hours

Hartford, CT – Approx. 335 miles or 5 hours

Providence, RI – Approx. 385 miles or 6 hours


Having a car in the area also makes travel from place to place easier! Parking is plentiful and offered by most of Rochester’s hotels, restaurants and major attractions.


If you can’t or don’t wish to drive, no worries! The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport currently offers several nonstop and connecting flights into and out of nearby states. Bus and train transportation also offer “driveless” options for arrival, and the city has widespread rideshare with Lyft and Uber to get around with ease.


#3 Know Your Overnights

Time to book! Hotels are quickly filling up in anticipation of the big event, so there’s no better time than now to book your overnight accommodations. Check out our list of local hotels to start exploring areas and rates. Some hotels might require a two-day minimum on the dates of the eclipse, so be mindful of requirements when you book!


#4 Know Your Plans

Consider where you want to be when the eclipse starts and plan to pick your spot ahead of time! Do you want to find a quiet area to enjoy the view in a local park or find yourself amongst the excitement of the crowds at a festival or large event? Everyone is going to want to be outside to experience those three minutes and 38 seconds of totality, so it’s best to plan ahead so that you are right where you want to be when the moment arrives.


We have a few resources readily available to help you make plans for before, after, and during the Eclipse:


  1. Check out our blog on Eclipse Viewing Locations for an idea of where to be when the big moment takes place.
  2. Check out our Eclipse Itineraries, created to fit whichever “Vibe” or “Phase” of life you are in right now.
  3. Check out our Eclipse Events, to add some amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to your trip.
  4. Check out our ROC the Eclipse playlist, so you have some banging tunes to hype your crew up on the way to us!


#5 Prepare for the Unexpected

With a once-in-a-lifetime event like a Total Solar Eclipse, it can be hard to know exactly what to expect! Plan for the unexpected variables like increased traffic, parking or larger crowds on Eclipse Day to make sure you are able to make the most of this amazing experience.


Remember that as long as you're in the path of totality, the eclipse will be an amazing sight to behold— the skies will get dark and it will feel just like night! Be sure to look up the forecast a few days ahead of your journey and dress accordingly to be outside for an extended period of time. 


This is the last Total Solar Eclipse in our area until 2144, so we only get one opportunity to witness the magic of the moment! We can’t wait for you to join us. Click here for more Rochester eclipse information to help you plan your celestial getaway.