"ROC" out on your road trip to Rochester, NY for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024!


In any situation, music serves as a way to cultivate excitement, heighten the sense of anticipation ahead of an event, and preserve memories in an indescribable way.


That’s why we have taken the time to select a collection of mesmerizing tracks for you to listen to in preparation for the Total Solar Eclipse. Whether you queue up these songs to build anticipation ahead of your trip, on your drive in to town, or while you’re getting ready morning of, this playlist will be your companion to this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.


Here are the songs you’ll find on the “ROC the Eclipse” playlist:


Songs about the Sun

An essential part of the solar eclipse is the sun, so we wanted to make sure you’re covered with sunny songs:


“Sunflower”- Post Malone


“Pocket Full of Sunshine”- Natasha Bedingfield


“Soak up the Sun”- Sheryl Crow


“Brighter than the Sun”- Colbie Caillait


“Here Comes the Sun”- Beatles


“Good Day Sunshine”- Beatles


“Trip Around the Sunshine”- Kenny Chesney


“Black Hole Sun”- Soundgarden


“Walkin’ on the Sun”- Smash Mouth


“A Place in the Sun”- Stevie Wonder


“Sunroof”- Nick Youre, Dazy


“Another Day of Sun”- La La Land


“Steal my Sunshine”- LEN


“Cover me in Sunshine”- Pink


“Move your Feet/D.A.N.C.E./It’s a Sunshine Day”- Trolls Cast


“Another Day of Sun”- La La Land Cast


“Saturday Sun”- Vance Joy


Songs about the Moon

Of course, the other major element involved in the eclipse is the moon! Here are the songs you’ll hear that relate to the moon and the darkness that surrounds it:


“Dancing in the Moonlight”- King Harvest


“Talking to the Moon”- Bruno Mars


“Bad Moon Rising”- Creedance Clearwater Revival


“Bark at the Moon”- Ozzy Osbourne


“Shadows of the Night”- Pat Benatar


“Dancing in the Dark”- Bruce Springsteen


“Dancing in the Dark”- Imagine Dragons



You can’t have a solar eclipse playlist without these classic songs that literally have the eclipse in their names:


“Total Eclipse of the Heart”- Bonnie Tyler


“Eclipse”- Pink Floyd


“Solar Eclipses”- Hollywood Principle, Dr. Awkward


Songs about Outer Space

This type of celestial event makes you ponder what else is going on up there in the sky. Here are some songs we added that relate to outer space:


“Rocket Man”- Elton John


“Starman”- David Bowie


“Space Oddity”- David Bowie


“Space Cowboy”- NSYNC


“Drops of Jupiter”- Train


“Counting Stars”- OneRepublic


“Intergalactic”- Beastie Boys


“We are All Made of Stars”- Moby


“A Sky Full of Stars”- Coldplay


“All of the Stars”- Ed Sheeran


“Starlight”- Taylor Swift


“NASA”- Ariana Grande


Finally, we wanted to make sure you end on a high note with a song that is sure to get you charged up and counting down the moments until you experience this once-in-a-lifetime event!


“Final Countdown”- Europe


Listen now on Spotify here and be sure to download the playlist to your library so you can listen to it on the go!