The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House shares “Thank you, Susan B. Anthony!” through Google Arts & Culture’s American Democracy collection

Starting today, over thirty artifacts from the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House can be viewed online by people around the world due to a new partnership between the Google Cultural Institute and the Anthony Museum.

Thanks to this new virtual exhibition, users are able to view artifacts, documents, and other memorabilia from the Museum’s permanent collection that bring aspects of one of the world’s great reformers to light. Viewers can discover the young Susan through the cross-stitch sampler she created in her preteen years, see images of her in her twenties and thirties, and decipher letters written in her own hand before she joined the women’s movement.  These and other experiences are just a few clicks away at

“Thank You, Susan B. Anthony!” is a part of the Google Arts & Culture’s American Democracy collection, which brings together over 60 exhibits and 2500+ artifacts from 44 institutions dedicated to the preservation of U.S. political history and the practice of American democracy. The exhibition is open for all at and through the Google Arts & Culture mobile app for iOS and Android.

Some other highlights from the online exhibition are:

● In a letter from Susan B. Anthony to her aunt and uncle, she ponders her future as a champion for equal rights.

● Susan B. Anthony writes to Rev. William Channing Gannett and his wife, urging them to endorse Ida B. Wells-Barnett's anti-lynching campaign.

Susan B. Anthony’s father, Daniel Anthony, writes a note to his brother, John, endorsing Frederick Douglass and soliciting funds to support his newspaper.

Deborah L. Hughes, President & CEO of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, said “Some of these images have never been published for the general public to see. We are excited to share them through the Google Arts & Culture’s American Democracy collection.  Sharing Susan B. Anthony’s inspiring story with the world is our purpose and passion.”


The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House interprets the legacy of the great reformer to inspire and challenge individuals to make a positive difference in their lives and communities. We preserve and share the National Historic landmark that was her home and headquarters, collect and exhibit artifacts related to her life and work, and offer tours and interpretive programs to share her story with the world.

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