Seabreeze Amusement Park

Nothing says “Summer’s here” more than spending a day at Seabreeze Amusement Park!

Seabreeze is the Finger Lakes Region’s #1 spot for summertime family fun. The park combines the nostalgic look of a classic Victorian amusement park with that of a modern beachside waterpark. There are over 65 attractions, so you’ll want to plan for a full day of riding, sliding, watching shows, playing games and enjoying some great food – and for making memories that will last a lifetime.


Seabreeze features four roller coasters and a wide variety of other amusement rides for kids of all ages. Kiddie City appeals to the youngest visitors, and thrill rides like the Jack Rabbit and Whirlwind coasters, Screamin’ Eagle and Revolution 360 await the bigger kids. The whole family will enjoy the Bumper Cars, Bobsleds coaster, Twirlin’ Tea Cups, the classic Carousel and more.


The waterpark offers a relaxing environment combined with exciting water attractions. You’ll find a giant wave pool, racing slides, water activity areas, kiddie slides, a lazy river and some cool inner tube slides. While you’re there, relax on chaise lounges, visit the California Café for a bite to eat, and see the Surf Shop for beachside gifts.

Other Attractions

Other attractions include daily live shows, a midway full of skill games, redemption and video arcade, and a museum showcasing the park’s legendary history. Enjoy the colorful gardens, places for taking pictures and resting on park benches – just as generations of visitors have done for over 140 years!


Seabreeze is rich in history and proud of its place as the fourth oldest amusement park in America. Starting in 1879, steam trains – and later trolley cars – brought visitors to the lakefront to escape the heat of the city and enjoy cooler temperatures, shady picnic groves, and some lakeside swimming. Rides were soon added, and the park has provided quality family fun ever since. 

Jack Rabbit

Of particular interest is the Jack Rabbit wooden roller coaster, first opened in 1920. It’s recognized as the oldest continuously operating coaster in America, and was then the fastest coaster. It’s also the oldest example of a coaster featuring underfriction wheels, which lock the cars onto the track. These wheels paved the way for coasters to have higher hills, faster speeds, and head-over-heels thrills. The Jack Rabbit has been rebuilt many times over the years, but retains its original layout and surprise tunnel at the end. It’s not the biggest and fastest coaster today, but definitely worth a ride.

Location & More

Seabreeze is located just north of Rochester, on the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay – cool breezes and scenic views of the waterfront await you. It’s a 15-minute drive from downtown, and easily accessible from I-590 North and Sea Breeze Drive. Parking is free, and several admission options are available. For more information, visit the park’s website at Gather the family, and come get your summer!