In a year when nothing seems usual, the popular Adopt-a-Maple program at Kettle Ridge Farm in Victor continues on. 

Entering its seventh season, Adopt-a-Maple allows any family, group, or individual to adopt one of the farm’s maple trees and receive an adoption certificate—including a photo of the tree and its GPS coordinates—as well as an assortment of the farm’s maple syrups. A nametag of their choosing stays attached to the tree for the entire year.

The “PLUS” version of Adopt-a-Maple brings the adopting group out to the small family-owned farm on any one of nine “Adopt-a-Maple Sundays” in early 2021 for a personalized tour, tree tapping ceremony, and hot pancake breakfast. For many families, the trip to the farm has become an annual rite of winter. 

“We are already seeing a lot of interest in this year’s Adopt-a-Maple PLUS,” said co-owner Chris Hurley. “Families have had their lives so disrupted by Covid-19 that they seem especially excited for the opportunity to engage in such a fun, educational, and safe outdoor activity.”

Adopt-a-Maple is also popular as a unique gift for Christmas and other special occasions. Last year saw adoptions coming from nearly every state in the country.

Some participants in Adopt-a-Maple are motivated by a desire to support the farm’s efforts in running a small, locally-based and environmentally-focused enterprise. In addition to maple products, Kettle Ridge Farm produces wildflower honey. 

“We are overwhelmed and most appreciative for the level of interest and support,” said Hurley.

Adopt-a-Maple costs $80 plus $10 shipping. Adopt-a-Maple PLUS costs $115 plus $10 shipping, with Adopt-a-Maple Sundays running from January 10 to March 7, 2021. For complete details visit