Giant murals, live demonstrations, family fun and more.

10th Global Mural Conference Coming to Fairport, NY, USA

September 21 - 24, 2016


The 10th Global Mural Conference (GMC) visits Rochester, NY September 21-24th at the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa. Artists, public art enthusiasts, government officials, and the curious are all invited to participate. The GMC is designed to educate and entertain attendees through panel discussions, live mural demos, mural project overviews, mural-viewing bus tours, local mural dedications, and a formal gala featuring both live musical entertainment as well as an on-site spray-art demonstration.

Registration is required to attend the conference; however, the public is invited to the Mural Expo occurring simultaneously at the same location. Admission to the Expo tent is FREE and open to all, including families.

Woman with murla along Erie Canal

In a large tent on the grounds of the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa, both International and local artists, will paint murals on large pieces of Evolon. These artists will begin their work a few days prior to the conference and complete the murals just before the GMC comes to a close. During the formal gala, which takes place on the last night of the GMC, guests will be able to view the completed murals and meet the artists.

Example of a mosaic mural

A large mosaic mural will be on display during the GMC. Each piece has been created by young students spanning across New York State. The mural depicts an image of familiar icons of the Erie Canal: a mule and a packet boat. The 12’x16’ mural was cut into 768 mosaic tiles that are 6” squares. Each student has painted on their tile a scene from either their local heritage, or the Erie Canal’s history. Scenes capture local heritage, the Underground Railroad, Women’s Suffrage, Native American culture or flora and fauna of New York State. However, the montage of individual student paintings placed together will reveal the original larger image.

children and paint brushes

American Idol finalist, Jenna Renae (Williamson, NY), will perform at the formal gala at the end of the conference. Guests of the gala will also be entertained by world-renowned Australian spray-paint artist Damien Mitchell, as he completes a custom-designed piece on-site right before guest’s eyes. A limited supply of extra tickets to the gala will be open to the public. Tickets are on sale at the GMC website.