In celebration of Black History Month, we’ve teamed up with Yelp Rochester to highlight a few of the 585’s top rated Black-owned eateries. From soul food to wine bars to ramen, you’ll want to give each and every one of these restaurants a try this month and beyond. Click here for a full list of Black-owned businesses to support now!

Caribbean Heritage - 719 S. Plymouth Ave Rochester, NY 14608

“Everything was DELICIOUS .... and I mean EVERYTHING was DELICIOUS! Wonderfully seasoned, still hot by the time we got it home .. and that mac & cheese is dangerous! We tried the Jerk Chicken and Curry Chicken as entrees, and plantains, peas & rice, callaloo and mac & cheese as sides. I swear you can taste their joy and love in the food!”
Elite Yelper Brenda K.

Bobo’s Chicken Shack - 532 Joseph Ave Rochester, NY 14605

“Have you ever had fried ribs? If not, you NEED to come to Bobo's for a dinner. Even if you have had them, you still need to come. Deep fried, crunchy, but the meat still tender enough to easily bite off the bone? I am droooling!!!”
Yelper Sarah S.

Apogee Wine Bar - 151 Park Ave Rochester, NY 14607

“Amazing Wine Bar in the heart of Park Ave! I was so excited for my friend, Simone Boone, when she opened this spot almost 5 years ago! Today it's amazing (yet not surprising) how successful it has become! They have a wonderful selection of wines, each one handpicked by her. They have a small food menu to please your palate and compliment your wine choice.”
Elite Yelper Val A.

Natural Oasis - 288 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14607

“Delicious! Came here last night for the first time with some of our vegan friends- the food was so unique & tasty, we brought 2 bottles of wine in at no charge, had so much food between the 4 of us and left with a $56 dollar bill! You can't beat it!”
Elite Yelper Cally W.

Taste of the Bahamas - 4705 Lake Ave Rochester, NY 14612

“This place is a GEM! Food, portions, and customer service are absolutely on point! Place reflects the laid back atmosphere of the Caribbean. Come to talk, drink, and eat. Portions are HUGE, partner and I ordered two main entrees and only able to eat one.”
Yelper Lee D.

Philomina’s - 280 Union St N, Rochester, NY 14609 (In the Public Market)

“Philomena's is the type of place I go to once and immediately tell all my close friends about. Among all of the Public Market's breakfast sandwich joints, Philomena's is a rare find: a Caribbean food stand, serving healthy breakfast and lunch food for vegan, vegetarian, gluten- free and meat-eating diets alike.”
Yelper Meredith F.

Peppa Pot - 522 E Main St Rochester, NY 14604

“We had dinner here last night and loved it. The service was great and the owner is very friendly. Food is all made in house and is a delicious mixture of flavors. Marlene served us family style so we were able to try Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, OxTail and Cod Fish and Beans. We loved everything. Their house made juices were also delicious.”
Elite Yelper Bruce J.

ROC City Ramen - 229 Mill St Rochester, NY 14614

“I absolutely love this spot! Their ramen is so savory and satisfying. Recently, I ordered shoyu ramen for pick-up and their service was top notch. My order was ready when I got there, and the cashier made sure to double check that I silverware before I left. I love these take-out soup spoons they have; along with chopsticks, it makes eating ramen so much easier.”
Elite Yelper Emily P.

Zemeta Ethiopian - 1015 S Clinton Ave Rochester, NY 14620

“The food is phenomenal. The tibs firfir was wrapped in injera, which is a fluffy, spongey (and gluten-free) bread. I also received more on the side. I chose lentils and cabbage for my sides. The tibs has a great spicy kick and so much flavor. The pieces of beef had a crispy outside but soft interior.”
Elite Yelper Danielle S.

Check out the full list of Black-Owned businesses here! Love supporting local all year round? Nominate yourself for the Yelp Elite Squad.