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2020 Visitor Industry Council

Committees and Task Forces

2020 VIC Committees and Task Forces Form

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff.   Together, they execute select programs related to the 2020 Business Plan.  The intent of these VIC programs is to attract visitors, care for them while they are in our region, extend stays and to encourage repeat visitation.  Additional VIC work includes the examination of current programs and advocacy for future projects.  VIC committees and task forces are open to members of Visit Rochester who believe they can add and gain value from their participation.

Select a Committee or Task Force

Please enter your information below and indicate which committees/ task forces you are interested in being part of this year. A staff liasion will reach out to you shortly with more details. Don't forget to review the committee descriptions and start/end dates.

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EXPLORE Rochester Under The Dome Event Task Force

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca
Meetings/Duration: June-September

Building on to 2019 success of EXPLORE Rochester Under the Dome Event this committee will work to increase attendance and sponsorship of this event in 2020, communicating with and attracting a larger cross section of the local business community. Areas of focus will include registration, marketing, exhibitor management, and sponsorship solicitation.


Membership Recruitment & Engagement Committee

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Elena Oyer
Meetings/Duration: February-November

This committee will be comprised of active members of the VIC  representing all industry segments. The committee will develop systems to communicate member benefits that will encourage member engagement and ultimately more member retention through 2020 and beyond. This committee will also be tasked with identifying new potential members to our organization.


Group Tour & Travel Trade Sales Committee

Chair: Sarah Tone & Emily Foe
Staff Liaison: Diana Keating
Meetings/Duration: Monthly

This committee will collectively present Greater Rochester as a preferred destination and stopover in the travel trade and group tour programs.  Members will work collaboratively on the development of sales missions, tradeshows exhibits, and overall market development.  Visit Rochester incentive-based programs will provide members of the committee with resources to help them undertake sales related travel. 


Social Media Committee

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Chelsea Wernick
Meetings/Duration: Monthly

The Social Media Committee is a multi-year committee that meets monthly to tackle new initiatives based on the ever-changing social and digital communications landscape. One of the main objectives of the committee is to provide engaging education and collaborative networking opportunities for both social media novices and experts. This year, the committee will bring together Rochester’s social and digital community through a combination of two meeting formats--educational roundtable discussions and the committee’s wildly successful Social & Suds networking events. The committee’s gatherings will alternate on the monthly basis between the educational meetings and networking events.


PR Task Force On Local Influencers

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Rachel Laber Pulvino
Meetings/Duration: March-June

This task force will work toward identifying local influencers and determine a plan for engagement to strengthen our message that Rochester is a great place to visit, work and live.  Initiatives include:
  • Identifying local influencers
  • Creating a strategic framework to engage
  • Plan a potential event to promote Rochester to local influencer audience


ROC For A Reason Task Force

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Elena Oyer
Meetings/Duration: April-October

With the goal of increasing local awareness of Visit Rochester, while promoting member engagement, civic involvement and pride through community engagement, this committee will identify local volunteer and philanthropy opportunities that Visit Rochester members can participate in as a group. These programs will enhance the Greater Rochester area for both residents and visitors. This committee is targeting the identification and execution of 3-4 group philanthropy activities in 2020.


Recommend Rochester Task Force

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Deidre Wetelainen
Meetings/Duration: 4 Sessions/April-November

This committee will work with Visit Rochester staff to identify and cultivate area residents who have influence within organizations and can help invite them to convene in the area. A focus on identifying a team new centers of influence, that will serve to heighten awareness of Rochester’s merits as an outstanding host to future programs, meetings, tournaments and events will move the program forward. Think Tank approach will be used to review messaging for the Recommend Rochester program along with placement and visibility. Potential planning for a year end event depending on state grant guidelines.


Event Enhancement Committee

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Amanda Fox & Libby Craig
Meetings/Duration:  Bi-Monthly

This committee will work to enhance the athlete and visitor experience for selected key events happening in the Rochester market in 2020. Members will brainstorm ways to increase excitement for annual events and utilize community connections to create and implement memorable moments for attendees visiting Rochester.

Overnight Stay Extension Task Force

Chair: Kim Tanner
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca
Meetings/Duration: June-August

One of the top emerging trends in the travel industry is the concept of “Bleisure Travel,” is the tendency by business and institutional travelers to add leisure components and days onto their trips if provided with compelling reasons to do so. With this trend in mind, this committee will review previous Stay Extension initiatives to make further recommendations on how best to reach travelers who are planning trips to the Rochester area and encourage them 1) to expand their visit by overnights and 2) bring additional guests with them on their trip. An element in this program will be outreach to Greater Rochester companies and institutions to gain perspective on ways of reaching their guests and associates coming into the area.  Regional partners are encouraged to engage with the work of this committee.


ROCstar E-Learning Task Force

Chair: Danyelle Hildreth
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca
Meetings/Duration: January-June

As Visit Rochester enters into a contract with a local company to create a new e-learning product to communicate with our area’s frontline staff- members will be engaged to provide feedback and support  to this project.  Members of this committee will be asked to assist with content and direction of the project and explore opportunities for distribution and sponsorships.