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2018 Visitor Industry Council

Committees and Task Forces

2018 VIC Committees and Task Forces Form

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff.   Together, they execute select programs related to the 2018 Business Plan.  The intent of these VIC programs is to attract visitors, care for them while they are in our region, extend stays and to encourage repeat visitation.  Additional VIC work includes the examination of current programs and advocacy for future projects.  VIC committees and task forces are open to members of Visit Rochester who believe they can add and gain value from their participation.

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Task Force: Crafting a City-Wide Welcome for Regional Media Conferences

Chair: Kelly Fraver, George Eastman Museum
Staff Liaison:  Rachel Laber Pulvino
Meetings/Duration:  Monthly Feb - Oct.


In 2018 two major media conferences will be convening in Western NY and the Finger Lakes region. In September 2018 the Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX) will take place in Corning, and at the same time, the Travel Media Showcase will occur in Niagara Falls. Visit Rochester intends to have a presence at both events. This task force will collaboratively determine how the Greater Rochester community can tie into these events and welcome the influential journalists and bloggers that will be in the region. This task force will help shape plans for pre- and post- media tours stemming from both events. 


Social Media and Enticing Engagement

Chair: Jessica Reilly, Break the Ice Media
Staff Liaison:  Rachel Laber Pulvino
Meetings/Duration:  Monthly Jan - Dec


This committee will build upon past years’ work and move Visit Rochester into a stronger leadership position in its social media-related marketing.   A series of recommended programs will be developed and implemented including those that focus on engaging local influencers.  Regional entities that can become allies and benefit from Visit Rochester’s social media programs will be encouraged to engage. 


Visitor Baseline Market Research - Options and Desired Outcomes

Chair: Eliza Kozlowski, George Eastman Museum
Staff Liaison:  Greg Marshall
Meetings/Duration:  Six Meetings over four Months/March - June


This Committee will build upon the Research Task Force findings of 2017.  In 2018, a baseline research program will be developed and tested to determine characteristics of Monroe County’s current visitor base.  Another baseline will be conducted to evaluate the “perception” of Rochester/Monroe County as a visitor destination based on its resources and location.   Using the baseline tools, a mechanism for data gathering and broader research funding will be developed by committee members.


Competitive Strategies and New Market Development  

Chair: Chip Lacure, CMI Communications
Staff Liaison:  Tim James - Alicia Fultz
Meetings/Duration:  Six Meetings March – Nov

This committee will work with Visit Rochester to identify and focus on geographic areas with two distinct characteristics: Known destinations with meeting/convention business that can potentially be hosted by Greater Rochester in the future. And Non-traditional areas with headquarters of organizations that have potential meeting and convention business for Rochester
Committee will work collectively to help identify criteria for high-potential business and the best potential methods for pursuit.   A range of activities can be expected; which include: 
  •  Gathering competitive destination convention calendars
  • Collaborative phone blitzes
  • Co-op Direct Marketing Programs and Follow-up
  • Out of town sales mission and presentations
  • Co-hosted site visits and promotional programs

 Local Influencers Development Task Force

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison:  Wendy Ford
Meetings/Duration: Monthly March-Oct


 This committee will work with Visit Rochester staff to identify and cultivate area residents who have influence within organizations and can help invite them to convene here or hold tournaments and events in the area.  A series of interactive programs with the local influencers will be developed allowing them to experience many of the features and attributes that make Rochester a great destination.


Visitor Stay Extension - All Markets

Chair: Christine Worth, Wayne County Tourism Office
Staff Liaison:  Greg Marshall
Five Meetings: March -September

This committee will help to identify processes and programs that will result in extended stays for visitors and an encouragement for them to bring accompanying persons.  The intent is to reach a portion of Rochester’s 1.8 million annual visitors prior to their making travel arrangements enticing them to add 1-2 days onto their visit and when possible, include family and friends in travel plans. The development of messaging that conveys nearby regional appeal and day trip options will be a cornerstone of this committee’s work.  Many visitor markets will be addressed including meetings, conventions, tournaments, commercial and leisure.


Family Market Committee - Next Steps to Success

Chair: Mare Millow, Rochester Museum & Science Center
Staff Liaison: Diana Rapp Keating
Meetings/Duration: Monthly 

This Committee will collectively monitor, enhance and expand the 2017 FamilyFuntastic program intended to attract families with kids from eastern New York State markets.  The intent is to develop a series of seasonal programs that benefit investing partners and Visit Rochester members as a whole.  Additionally, the committee will evaluate and make recommendations related to past discussion about a geographic focus on Metro NYC.

Group Tour and Travel Trade Sales Committee

Chair: Stacey VanDenburgh, George Eastman Museum
Staff Liaison: Greg Marshall
Meetings/Duration: Monthly 

This committee will collectively present Greater Rochester as a preferred destination and stopover in the travel trade and group tour programs.  Members will work collaboratively on the development of sales missions, tradeshows exhibits, and overall market development.  Visit Rochester incentive-based programs will provide members of the committee with resources to help them undertake sales related travel.  


College Student Orientation Task Force

Chair: Deborah Lindenau, Holiday Inn Express - Webster
Staff Liaison: Greg LaDuca
Duration: June - Sept

Visit Rochester has the opportunity to exhibit at seven local colleges and universities for their new student welcome/ orientation days.  This is a great opportunity to welcome visiting students, and their parents, to Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.  This task force will meet two times to create new and innovative ways to communicate Visit Rochester’s message and promote our members to students and their parents.  In turn, this committee will have the first right at staffing these exhibit tables on each of the campuses in August and September 2018.


Membership Sales and Engagement

Chair: Maureen O'Neil, Capstone IT
Staff Liaison:  Elena Oyer
Meetings/Duration: Monthly February - December

This committee will be comprised of active members of the VIC (Visitor Industry Council) representing all industry segments.  The committee will devise systems to communicate member benefits that will encourage member engagement and ultimately more member retention through 2018 and beyond.  This committee will also be tasked with utilizing the membership to identify new potential members to our organization.


Sports Opportunities Committee

Chair: Jessica Conley, Hampton Inn & Suites Rochester-Henrietta
Staff Liaison: Rich Mackey
Meetings/Duration: Monthly

This committee will work together to analyze opportunities within niche markets of the sports travel industry and identify key decision makers on the local, state, regional and national level. This program will evaluate and discuss competitive approaches to showcase Rochester as a destination for the specified sports organizations established by the committee.  Members will learn together while helping create a vision for 2019 and beyond.