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Welcome MYHockey Teams

Players, families and coaches will enjoy visiting the Rochester region.

MYHockey strives to enhance the overall tournament experience for players, parents, and coaches both on and off the ice. They offer a wide variety of tournaments at attractive locations throughout the country to bring the best matched competition together for top level hockey, with the ultimate goal being to have fun. Through their carefully selected tournament locations and venues they are able to provide an excellent experience on the ice and a wealth of off-ice opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment for those participating. With a staff dedicated to providing tournament guests with the highest level of customer service, MYHockey tournaments are an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

We encourage you to explore this site for information about the Rochester and Finger Lakes region. We know you will find comfortable places to stay, fun attractions to visit and a wide variety of dining options to enhance your visit.

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