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The Century Club of Rochester

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The Century Club is the longest standing private women’s social club in Rochester, New York. It was founded in 1910 and the members are still in residence today at the imposing Victorian mansion at 566 East Avenue as its home. The founding members came together to share varying backgrounds and life experiences. That philosophy continues today with a membership of diverse ages, professions, interests and goals. What brings these women together, however, is a beautiful facility which is home to stimulating activities and a built-in network of supporting friends. Club members enjoy reciprocity with many other private clubs in New York State and beyond. Sit down next to a member, whether she is 30 or 90, and you will hear an intriguing life story. Today the Century Club of Rochester continues to honor the best traditions of its history while engaging the best conventions of the twenty first century.


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Facility Info

  • Description 300 people- cocktail style event
  • Banquet Capacity 180