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Fishing Monroe County

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From Lake Ontario to the Genesee River, to Sandy Creek and Irondequoit Bay, the Greater Rochester region has some of the finest fishing in the nation. Salmon, lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, walleye, pike, largemouth and small mouth bass perch and panfish are some of the many varieties you will find here. Monroe County is home to world-class fishing over multiple seasons.

Fishing Monroe County represents the Monroe County Fishing Advisory Board and is a great resource for providing information on:

  • Bait & Tackle Shops
  • Boat Launching Sites
  • Charter Captains
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Fish Descriptions
  • Fishing Derbies
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Knots & Rigs
  • License Information
  • Lower Gorge Fishery
  • USCG Boating Safety
  • Useful Websites & Phone Numbers