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Finger Lakes Food Tours

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"Come EAT With Us"

Finger Lakes Food Tour dates for 2020 season runs EVERY Friday & Saturday beginning on: May 1- November 28, 2020 An organized venue aimed at people who want to pursue and enjoy the love of food & drink, while learning what makes the Chosen Spot tick.  Our leisurely, guided (3) hour tour is the perfect way to sample exceptionally good offerings from area restaurants and specialty shops.  This gastronomic experience features the backstories of these remarkable chefs & proprietors as well as historical tidbits of Canandaigua's rich history, its culture and sights.

"Come SEE With Us"

Montezuma National Wildlife Tour Adventure Get close to nature with area locals as we learn about the Montezuma preserves’ many marshes, pools and channels that are a vital feeding and nesting habitat for migratory waterfowl. Visitors will explore parts of this sanctuary’s landscape on foot and then take a short (3.5) mile drive by car to observe numerous wildlife in their natural habitat. Guests will learn about why biodiversity is so vitally important in providing important benefits for generations to come The Montezuma Wildlife Refuge Adventure Tour will take place Every Tuesday from April 7 to May 26, and then resume from October 6 through November 24, 2020. Tour groups are limited to (12) people. ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED. To book a reservation for this tour visit: or call 888.302.1880

 Enjoy this video that features some of our tours from over the years:






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