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Season's Greetings 

In a year with so many challenges, we still find ourselves celebrating the little things that brought us joy in 2020. Whether it was quality time with family and friends, many walks around the block with our pets, or the opportunity to explore everything available to us in our own backyard – there were still some moments in 2020 that sparked joy for us all.
Read on to see what our team is celebrating this year, and our collective hopes for the year ahead. 

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy holiday! 

Jeanine Holiday 2020

Spending time with my kids and grandkids brings me all the joy I need.


Vice President, Finance, Administration & HR

Amber Holiday 2020

This holiday season, I have found joy in creating new traditions with my two young sons, seeing the excitement in their faces when they see Christmas decorations. In the coming year, I am looking forward to seeing extended family as well as seeing our community revive and flourish again. 


Event Services Specialist

Libby Holiday 2020

I am most grateful for the health of my family this holiday season and look forward to a sense of normalcy and encouragement in travel again in 2021.


Sports Sales Manager

Wendy Holiday 2020

This holiday season I have found joy in reflecting back on all of the things I was able to do this year without a busy youth hockey season—camping, hiking, exploring NYS, and of course exploring many new wines. In the year ahead, I am looking forward to booking conventions, collaborating with our hospitality partners and working with the sales team on creative proposals as well as traveling for business and pleasure.


Director of Sales

Amanda Holiday 2020

What brings me joy this season is spending some extra time at home with my husband, taking our dogs for hikes at local county parks and enjoying the holiday with our immediate family. In 2021, I am most looking forward to the hopeful return of some additional in person events (when safe to do so)!


Director of Event Services

Alicia Holiday 2020

This holiday season, I am finding joy in celebrating annual traditions with my husband, two dogs and wonderful in-laws. And in the year ahead, I look forward to traveling, the comeback of in-person meetings, and the thrill of big conventions being safely held in Rochester again.


Convention Sales Manager

Tim Holiday 2020

Joy this holiday season comes from quality time spent with my family and in 2021, I look forward to meetings returning to Rochester and also look forward to going on vacation. 


Senior Sales Manager

Don Holiday 2020

The greatest joy of the holiday season, and year-round is seeing our grandkids, and in the year ahead, I look forward to welcoming visitors back to Rochester! 


President & CEO

Diana Holiday 2020

This holiday season, I am finding joy in introducing my 16-month-old daughter to the traditions that my husband and I grew up with and treasuring every second spent with her because time truly moves too fast. In 2021, I look forward to welcoming visitors back to our community, traveling and spending time with extended family.


Director of Tourism & Marketing

Erin Holiday 2020

I am greatly enjoying spending more quality time with family this holiday season and seeing how resilient they have been in adapting to a “new normal.” My family is my world! And in the year ahead, I look forward to being able to get back out into our community with no restrictions as to where we go! 


Administrative Assistant

Greg Holiday 2020

My family brings me joy everyday (they know that) so this holiday season, I will say my Visit Rochester family- I have truly enjoyed working with all of them on so many wonderful initiatives.  In 2021, I am looking forward to attending sporting events again!  #goamerks, #goredwings, #goknighthawks.


Vice President- Industry Relations & Visitor Experience

Rachel Holiday 2020

This year I found joy in what would otherwise be the ordinary. Silver linings of the past year were spending quality time with my husband, and our dog, rediscovering the many beautiful outdoor spaces around Rochester a newfound interest in biking, houseplants and, of course, lots of Finger Lakes wine! I am hopeful for a better and brighter 2021 for our community, and seeing the Flower City “bloom” again. 


Director of Market Communications & Public Relations

Rich Holiday 2020

I am appreciating the additional quality time spent with family this holiday season and in the year ahead, I look forward to enjoying a hot dog at the ball park on a nice summer night, watching the Red Wings.


Sports Sales Manager

Elena Holiday 2020

There is so much to be thankful this holiday season including time spent with my boys, my dog, the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies, Christmas music that reminds me of childhood memories, and seeing the generosity of our community coming together to support those in need. In the year ahead, I look forward to the ability to travel, see my dad and family out of state, social gatherings, and in-person VIC meetings.


Sales & Membership Manager

Dave Holiday 2020

This holiday season, I have found joy in spending quality time with family and friends, and getting back to holiday traditions and in the year ahead, I look forward to my family growing and welcoming a baby boy in March! 


Sales Account Executive

Chelsea Holiday 2020

Joy this season has a new name—it’s Jay! We’re excited to be enjoying time with our littlest love and new baby that joined our family in September. In 2021, we hope to travel and gather with family and friends as many will meet baby Jay for the first time.


Digital Communications and Content Manager