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KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival

September 15-September 26, 2020

The 2020 Rochester Fringe Festival will take place as scheduled and will include exciting new programs to adjust to the realities of COVID-19. Based on advice from local health officials, the majority of shows will be held online in an open access Virtual Fringe.

From its five-day debut in 2012, the  KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival has become one of the top fringe festivals in the U.S and the largest multi-genre arts festival in New York State. In 2019, the 12-day festival (Tuesday, Sept. 10 – Saturday, Sept. 21) will feature more than 575 performances and events – more than 150 of which are free – in 20+ downtown venues. Renowned among the world’s 200+ fringe festivals for presenting an annual spectacular, free, outdoor show, Rochester’s Fringe was also the first fringe festival in North America to feature a Spiegeltent. From comedy to theatre, from music to dance, from visual art and film to spoken word, and from children’s entertainment to multi-disciplinary collaborations, the festival’s diversity also extends to venues that span the gamut from parked cars to grand theatres. Please visit  for more information.