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Women's Perspectives

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Our next show, "Women's Perspectives" features twelve local women photographers listed below. In addition, Susan C. Larkin is in the Neuberger Gallery, the Visiting Artist is Marie Costanza,  and the Guest Photographer is Maggie Hamell, with Camera Rochester Award-Winning Photographers Jason Abel,  Andrea Gluckman, Loni Titus and Paul Shew. Galley Partners Dick Bennett,Tom Kredo, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Luann Pero, Betsy Phillips, John Solberg and Sheridan Vincent will also exhibit their work.

Women's Perspectives Artists and Statement: Diane Dersch, Cindy El-Gaaly, Joyce Freitas, Christy Hibsch, Donna J. LaPlante, Melissa Mance-Coniglio, Betsy Marshall, Margy Meath, Sandi Osterwise, Martha Price, Anne Ryan, Patty Singer

We are a group of strong women who juggle life while taking time to pursue our love of photography. Our common interest in photography has nurtured many friendships. We admire one another’s work and find inspiration in sharing our photos. Some of us have displayed our images in past shows. Others are sharing their work for the first time. Together, we are collaborating to present this show of how each of us sees the world through our unique lens. Our personal and collective passions are reflected in the images we have chosen to exhibit.