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The Penthouse Presents: Our 4th Annual Halloween Silent Disco!

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The Halloween Silent Disco at The Penthouse is THE place to kick off your Halloween weekend! We'll have tricks, treats, spooky Halloween drink specials, and more spine-tingling surprises. So don your best Halloween costume, grab some friends, and get ready to have a wicked night!
Our favorite things about the Silent Disco:
1. If you don't like a song, just change the channel! There are three channels to choose from.
2. Wanna talk to someone without yelling (or just listen to some really interesting carpool karaoke)? Just take your headphones off.
3. Wanna dance on the terrace? Go ahead...the headphones work outside too!
Our Silent Discos fill up quickly - so reserve your spot now! Limited space is available.
What we ask of our guests at The Penthouse...
If you've been vaccinated, great! Mask rules are relaxed for you- you can enjoy free breathing. Not vaccinated? Sorry, but mask rules still apply for you.
We have taken extra precautions to make sure you and your guests will be safe. We believe in being kind and respectful to our fellow humans, and if we continue to follow the rules, we can all have nice things. So if you feel uncomfortable, or don't feel well for any reason, please stay home, and we'll see you at a future event.
Our pledge to you...
1. The Penthouse will have hand sanitizing stations set up throughout.
2. Our staff will follow all health and safety guidelines.