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Space Telescopes and Space Probes

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An online astronomy course for young learners, 11-14 years old, ready to explore our universe through a new lens.

Begins January 28
Thursdays | 3:30-5pm

In this new online course, Planetarium Director Steve Fentress will meet students on Zoom to do projects using real data from observatories and spacecraft such as Hubble, Chandra, the Mars Curiosity rover, and the Juno and Cassini outer-planet missions.

We will engage in a wide variety of projects and topics, including:

  • Making full-color images, stitched panoramas, and short animations using the free online Photopea software. 
  • Learning how X-rays, infrared light, and gravitational waves help us find black holes and other solar systems. 
  • Learning to operate online simulators such as NASA’s Eyes and Celestrak.
  • Experimenting with sonification (converting data into sound).

Each session is 90 minutes, with a half-hour individual work break in the middle. Activities will be planned so everything can be done in a web browser or on Zoom-- you won’t have to download any additional software if you don’t want to.