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Rage Hezekiah: Stray Harbor

  • Dates: December 10, 2020
  • Start Time: 7:30 PM
  • End Time: 8:10 PM
  • Times: From 7:30 PM to 8:10 PM
  • Admission: Free
  • Location: Writers & Books
  • Address: 740 University Avenue Rochester, NY 14607
  • Web Site:

Stray Harbor invites the reader back into the body, where we find both lonesomeness and abundance. Here, we are called to bear witness to a child who, at nine, “understand[s] the solitude of the cove before dawn,” a father who, “surrenders his fierceness” in water, and a mother in search of reclamation and healing. In a lyric so incredibly tender and finely tuned to the sonic beauty of language, Rage Hezekiah invites her reader to delight in the queer beauty of life, the “unexpected coven” reclaiming “the bellow of our voices.” What a song has been summoned here. What a blessed offering, this book, to the weary soul. --Brionne Janae, author of  After Jubilee

Rage Hezekiah is a New England-based poet and educator who has received fellowships from Cave Canem, MacDowell, and The Ragdale Foundation, and is a recipient of the Saint Botolph Foundation's Emerging Artists Award. Her chapbook Unslakable (Paper Nautilus Press) is a 2018 Vella Chapbook Award Winner. Stray Harbor (Finishing Line Press, 2019) is her debut full-length collection. Hezekiah’s poems have appeared in The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, The Cincinnati Review, ZYZZYVA, and several other journals and anthologies.