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Poetry Workshop: Writing From Oral Traditions

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Deadline to Register: January 27, 5 pm
Instructor: Brendon Alekseii

Using the oral tradition and history of the Caribbean masquerade character the Midnight Robber, this writing workshop encourages writers to develop new poetry on themes of fear, triumph, and channeling one’s own inner evil. Participants will learn about the Midnight Robber and its roots in Trinidad and Tobago’s post-colonial history, adapt the “Robber Talk” oral tradition as a tool to develop new writing, and imagine other folklore creatures as opportunities to write and explore.

Brendon Alekseii is a poet, playwright, activist and teaching artist from Trinidad and Tobago. He is a four-time First Citizens National Poetry Slam Finalist, and has represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Individual World Poetry Slam 2018. His debut collection Monster Parts was published in 2019. When he’s not performing or facilitating at the intersection of arts education and social justice, he lives with his wife and five cats.