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Memoir 101: Three Stages of Writing

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Deadline to Register: January 20, 5 pm
Instructor: Anais Salibian

The writing process is like making a clay pot. The writing you generate is the clay you work with. Next, you have to decide what you’re making: is it a bowl, a mug, a vase? This is the stage when you work your writing into a form. We’ll discuss finding your true subject and what form best suits it. The final stage is adding the finishing touches–smoothing out the rough edges, glazing. In this workshop, we’ll engage with exercises that take us through all three stages–from making the clay, to revising, to creating a final product that is effective and beautiful. 

Anais Salibian holds a Master’s degree in English literature and Certification in Secondary Education. She has taught writing classes at Writers & Books since 1989. In her Writing to Heal classes, delivered at battered women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, breast cancer support organizations, and elsewhere, she integrates story writing with structured journaling and poetry exercises to expand and deepen insight and healing. Her published works are creative nonfiction. In 2004, she received Writers & Books’ Teacher of Adults Award for the Creation and Appreciation of Literature.