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Homeschool Astronomy: How Do We Know?

An online astronomy course for young learners, 11-14 years old, to explore our universe.

Begins October 7

Stimulate your child's curious, bright mind with our online astronomy course, led by Strasenburgh Planetarium Director, Steve Fentress. Students will discover the workings of the universe by exploring the foundations of astronomy and the many phenomena occurring outside Earth’s atmosphere.

In this course, we welcome homeschool students looking for challenge and substance. We will take a scientific approach, based on data plus logic, exploring reliable sources on astronomy’s biggest questions: What is Earth’s shape? How does Earth move? How large is our solar system? What are the stars? What planets do other stars have? Are black holes real? What is the structure and history of our universe? Is there life elsewhere? Students who complete this course will be equipped to explore these questions further on their own.