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Curiosity Club at the Rochester Museum & Science Center

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Curiosity club is for kids, grades 1-8, learning virtually who need a safe and engaging place to be during remote school days while they attend online classes and complete school work and projects. With many schools moving to a hybrid-learning model and parents starting to return to their regular work schedules, Curiosity Club is the perfect solution. 

Curiosity Club, held in Museum & Strasenburgh Planetarium classrooms, will provide supervised, wi-fi equipped, socially-distanced classrooms and learning spaces for students to do their virtual school work. It will also offer school and homework help from experienced RMSC educators, quiet study & reading areas, hands-on STEAM enrichment activities, and museum exhibits to explore. With exclusive access to unique RMSC experiences such as Live Science shows, Electricity Theater, and Planetarium shows, Curiosity Club brings your student’s virtual learning to the next level in a one-of-a-kind, supportive educational environment. The student’s teacher will continue to have primary responsibility for their educational needs, with the team at the RMSC providing basic support. 

Parents can sign their kids up for 2 or 3 day increments each week. Additional days are also available.