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Celestial Sounds: A Virtual Reality Experience with SCMR at RMSC's Strasenburgh Planetarium

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The Society for Chamber Music in Rochester features the wonderful Salaff Quartet, whose members are all part of the RPO and have performed on our series both individually and as SCMR’s ambassadors at many outreach concerts over the last few years. The Salaff Quartet will lead the audience on a galactic journey through the music of Palestrina, Arvo Pärt, Beethoven, Philip Glass, Adolphus Hailstork, Satie and Borodin. The director of the RMSC Strasenburg Planetarium, Steve Fentress, has curated a stunning show that will accompany the music.

SCMR will also be filming and broadcasting this concert with a special camera, the Titan 11K Cinematic Camera, that films in Virtual Reality. The viewer can change the 360-degree view on their device to see any angle they want and change their view at any time. SCMR hopes this brings the audience
closer to the real experience of being at the concert as they will *be* in the middle of the musicians with the ability to change their focus as they like.

This is exclusively an online event. More information can be found here: