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Angels Of Mercy NY Drive Thru Chicken BBQ

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Chicken BBQ is a drive-thru, pre-puchase or pay day of event. $10 includes 1/2 a chicken, potato salad, baked beans and a roll! Apple pies will be available to purchase for $10 day of event. Raffle tickets are $5 for $6 and we have 10 themed baskets, lotto ticket lots, gift card boards and grand prizes of a TV & Jewelry from the source! All are welcome to the Angels of Mercy's Chicken Barbecue and all proceeds support our cause. Event is being held Fathers Day weekend so bring you Dad, Grandad or any Father in your life and buy then a dinner for a great cause! Hope to see you there!

More about Angels of Mercy: Please help us help women move forward by supporting Angels of Mercy's efforts to prevent human trafficking and domestic violence and help heal those who have been impacted by human trafficking and domestic violence.
Angels of Mercy was born out of personal life events involving domestic violence and human trafficking. While we serve women who have experienced homelessness, substance use and mental health disorders, chronic disease, unemployment, justice-involvement, and other forms of life-altering events, we recognize that these issues are connected to human trafficking and domestic violence in one way or another.
When women come to Angels of Mercy, all clothes and services are free. These individuals are referred to us by service providers and family friends. We pride ourselves on offering a safe environment where they find a sense of community and understanding. The goal of our Butterfly Boutique is to provide free clothing to any woman who calls in need. Commonly, these women are fleeing from an abusive situation, transitioning from a treatment center or assisted living, preparing for a job interview, or seeking to re-enter the community, work force, or need a lift in their self-esteem. We have casual and professional clothing to meet each individual’s needs.
Despite the challenges presented with COVID-19, Angels of Mercy was still able to serve our community and children around the world in the following way:
- Distributed over 50,000 dresses in over 20 countries through our Dress A Girl program
- Provided free clothing to over 2000 women in Rochester, along with expanded community outreach referral system
- 80 purses donated with personal care items through Purse Project
- 200 Wheelchair and Walker bags sewn – partnered with Lewis Tree to St. Johns Nursing Home
- 5,500 handmade masks were made and distributed throughout the community