After celebrating the Flour City Brewers Fest for 24 years, we’ve learned the best ways to enjoy the festival. For new-comers and return attendees alike, we’re providing the inside scoop to enjoy the night like a seasoned veteran.

Our first tip: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the beer! With over 60 vendors to discover, there are plenty of strategies to get the full experience:

  1. Don’t be late! Get there at least half an hour before doors open to get in line. Make sure your I.D. is available so it can easily be checked.

  2. Know where to park–or better yet, get a ride. Parking is everywhere! There are four free City of Rochester owned parking lots you can park in. You can also park off Railroad St. in the lot across from BXCR or the Laborers Union lot or use available on-street parking. However, we do suggest using ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft to alleviate your parking woes. Please do not drink and drive.

  3. Dodge the crowds. This involves determining where the two entrances are, finding the middle point, and heading right there, hopefully to the shortest lines since the people ahead of you were most likely “In Order” and when to the closest booths.

  4. Create a must-try list. Where you have predetermined what breweries you want to hit and bounce around hitting you top 10 before going to all the others. This is my favorite; it helps to make sure you have a good shot at getting the beers you really want to try.

  5. Check-in your beers to remember them later. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all the newest additions to the Flour City Brewers Fest menu! We’ll be adding more and more beers as we get closer to the event! Check in those beers, earn those badges and let Untappd remind you what your favorite was!

  6. Drink water.

  7. Remember, don’t drink and drive!

For more information on this year's festival, a full list of brewers and vendors, and to purchase tickets for the Flour City Brewers Fest on August 17, visit