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New Street Light Festival Issues RFP

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 3:00 AM

Streetlight festContact: Deborah Tretter
Marketing and Publicity Director

Upcoming A Street Light Festival Issues Request for Proposals to Region
Free July 17 & 18 Festival in Village Gate Neighborhood Features Innovative Light Art

21st Century Arts, in conjunction with PeaceArt International, is requesting proposals from visual and performing artists, makers, scientists and all creatives who may be interested in participating in A Street Light Festival, a signature event of ROC the YOL (Rochester's community-wide marketing campaign, launched by 21st Century Arts, celebrating the International Year of Light and Light - based Technologies, www.roctheyol.com ). A Street Light Festival will be held in Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts on Anderson Avenue and within the expansive footprint of Village Gate grounds- July 17th and 18th of 2015. (Rain date July 19)

The A Street Light Festival will be free and open to the public. For more information, go here. Inquiries should be sent to info@ROCtheYOL.com.
This festival is being produced by Rachel DeGuzman, President and CEO of 21st Century Arts, and curated by Margot Muto of AXOM Gallery with the assistance of Rebecca Rafferty, Arts Writer. Jurors and monetary awards to be announced soon. Please note that juried award recipients may have other significant opportunities in Rochester to exhibit during 2015 - the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies.

"As I was researching events for the ROC the YOL campaign we launched in January, I was surprised that Rochester - with our exceptional assets in optics, photonics, manufacturing, Higher Ed, and arts and culture - did not have an existing light art festival," says DeGuzman. "I was inspired to launch this festival, with my collaborating team, because 2015 is the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Although the first festival is really a grass roots initiative, in its inaugural year it will be of world-class quality and showcase many of the strengths of this region. And just as importantly, it will be a thrilling new experience for most of the exhibitors and attendees alike."

A Street Light Festival is a juried 2 day festival that will present a well curated and interactive

experience from entrance to end by showcasing the innovative work of selected area artists, makers and innovators using light as a major creative component of their projects.

Light must be a creative component for entrants project interpreted through all forms of visual and performing arts including but not limited to, installation, projection, sculpture, new media, performance art, movement, sound etc.
The competition is open to all individuals and teams, all ages and backgrounds including but not exclusive to artists, performers, engineers, technical experts, scientists and students.

The festival team encourages multiple artistic interpretations, diverse utilization of space and variety in project scale. Artists and performers will have access to projecting on, installing on and performing on the street.
A Street Light Festival is Rochester's first contemporary art festival dedicated to showcasing light-based art and spectacles intended to serve as a focal event designed to uniquely showcase light and light technologies through innovation and the arts.

The festival will be held on Anderson Avenue between South Goodman Street and Atlantic Avenue. Specifically, exhibitors will be chosen to display and perform along the north curb of Anderson Avenue, the Village Gate parking lot entrance from Anderson Avenue and the lot behind building 176 Anderson Avenue. It should be kept in mind that the available surfaces for exhibitors and performers to utilize include the asphalt of streets and sidewalks, building facades and other existing surfaces in the designated areas of the neighborhood.

Cheshire AV will provide generators for electricity and consulting for technical troubleshooting that is related to power issues only.

The submission process:
The artwork must be intended for the festivals designated areas. The choice of potential site within the designated areas, size, form and materials are not restricted but should respond to and/or express the context of the festival. Please note that this is a festival intended for audiences the ages of 18+, though children are welcome we will not be censoring applicants due to mature or controversial content.

Installations will be up for 2-3 days, outdoors in local weather conditions and will need to be able to withstand interaction from the general public. Proposed artworks may be functional or non-functional, and may be freestanding or integrated into site features.

Artwork must satisfy reasonable standards of safety.
DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted by 11:59pm May 25, 2015. Incomplete proposals received subsequent to the deadline will be eliminated from the competition.

FORMAT: The format for submission will be one hard copy and one digital copy on USB or CD/DVD, in PDF format.

Hard copy of text and graphic documents, as required for items a-e below, must be 8.5" x 11" (letter) or 8.5" x 14" (legal).

The proposal must include the following:
a. APPLICATION: A completed application form (Appendix B)
c. LETTER OF INTENT: The artist's statement of the artwork proposal. The purpose is to describe the concept of the work and how it is expressed in space, form, scale, materials, the use of light concepts, along with all other pertinent descriptive information expressing the intent of the work. Describe the special requirements of any, fabrication and installation methods and interactivity if any. Not to exceed 2 pages.

d. VISUAL SUPPORT: Visual support materials such as drawings, sketches, renderings, model images, past work, etc...should reflect the character, size, colors and context of proposed project. You may include digital images, printed or other media in accordance to the proposal format requirements.

e. SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE: For return of materials, please include an self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage and then materials will be returned to applicant.
Send Proposals To:
21st Century Arts
ATTN: A Street Light Festival
3880 East Avenue
Rochester, NY

For more information about the submission process or selection criteria, please go here. If you have specific questions about the submission, please contact artistic director, Margot Muto. You can email her at Margot@axomgallery.com or call at 585-732-5884.