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Ultimate Frontline #ROCstar

Recognition Overview & Application

Frontline ROC Star, a program of Visit Rochester, presented by MESH Consulting, is an initiative to optimize every visitor experience. For the purpose of this application, frontline ROC stars are frontline employees that have completed the ROC Star training. The frontline play a crucial role in delivering ROC star service and have a direct impact on the visitor experience and thus the growth of tourism to the great Rochester area. Organization are encouraged to nominate frontline employees who have consistently excelled at delivering ROC Star service.

Deadline: November 29, 2019
Award Presentation: December 17, 2019 (VIC Meeting) 


Minimum Criteria for Nomination:

1.    Visit Rochester Member (organization employed with)
2.    Completed the ROC Star training
3.    In position for at least 6 months


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