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Visitor Industry Council 2017 Committees and Task Forces

2017 Return on Involvement Form

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff.   Together, they execute select programs related to the 2016 Business Plan.  The intent of these VIC programs is to attract visitors, care for them while they are in our region, extend stays and to encourage repeat visitation.  Additional VIC work includes examination of programs and advocacy for future projects.  VIC committees and task forces are open to members of Visit Rochester who believe they can add and gain value from their participation.

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Earned Media for Special Events

Chair: TBD

Visit Rochester Liaison: Rachel Laber

Meetings and Duration: Monthly Feb-Oct


Greater Rochester boasts scores of special, time-sensitive activities that deserve prospective visitors’ attention—far enough in advance that they can and will visit.  This committee will discuss the challenges and opportunities related to cultivating advance media coverage of special events, performances, exhibits and festivals in the Rochester area.  Where appropriate, committee members will engage with event producers and media to create the connections that result in traditional and contemporary media exposure.


Social Media and Enticing Engagement

Chair: Hannah Barry, RMSC
Staff Liaison:  Calin Lawrence
Meetings and Duration:  Monthly Jan - Dec


This committee will build upon past years’ work and move Visit Rochester into a stronger leadership position in its social media-related marketing.   A series of recommended programs will be developed and implemented including those that focus on special offers for visitors.  Regional entities that can become allies and benefit from Visit Rochester’s social media programs will be encouraged to engage.


Visitor Research Task Force- Options and Desired Outcomes

Staff Liaison:  Greg Marshall
Meetings and Duration:  Six Meetings: March - June


This Task Force was originally planned for 2016.  It is an important topic.   As Visit Rochester seeks to maintain a high level of efficiency and market performance, the role of research and fact-based information continues to be critical.  This task force will review research that currently exists and determine what is necessary to enhance market-based decision-making. The task force will discuss metrics-related research for ongoing programs and will review resources and options available to acquire needed research in the future.

Local Contact Development - Colleges and Beyond

Staff Liaison:  Elena Oyer
Meetings and Duration:TBD


This committee will develop and carry out programs that help identify, qualify and educate local and regional residents who are affiliated with organizations that could hold meetings and conventions in Monroe County.  The committee will focus on finding individuals at area colleges, universities, businesses and organizations who are members of associations and groups that can be invited to convene here.  The successful result will be a willingness by the new contacts to reach out to their organizations and support invitations to convene in Rochester and Monroe County.  This program will tie closely to the next phase of Visit Rochester’s Ambassador Program and to the past work of the College Collaboration Committee.


Meetings and Conventions:  Leads, Prospects and Markets

Staff Liaison:  Carol Bartlett
Meetings and Duration:  Monthly Feb – Nov


This committee will work collectively with Visit Rochester’s convention sales staff to qualify prospects, identify leads and determine at least one new geographic market having a high concentration of organizations with potential business for Rochester.   Committee members will share the results of their work and help develop a plan for innovative outreach to new prospects including a co-op committee “airlift”.

 Meeting Extension and Expansion Team (MEET)

Staff Liaison:  Amanda Pfeil
Meetings and Duration:TBD


This committee seeks to expand delegate expenditures through extended stays, and to make conventions significantly more memorable and enjoyable for attendees.   Members will work together to conceive programs and techniques that will result in organizations and delegates who are planning travel to Rochester, to add programs and time to their visit to experience the surrounding regions.   Programs will seek to entice accompanying persons to travel to Rochester with delegates, and will ideally result in delegates adding a day or more onto their travel itineraries.  Representatives from nearby regions (Finger Lakes, Niagara, and Genesee Valley) will be engaged to discuss ways to persuade guests to stay in the area for a regional visit. 

Family Market Committee- Next Steps to Success

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison:  Diana Rapp
Meetings and Duration: TBD


This Committee will collectively monitor, enhance and expand the 2017 FamilyFuntastic program intended to attract families with kids from eastern New York State markets.   The intent is to develop a series of seasonal programs that benefit investing partners and Visit Rochester members as a whole.    Additionally, the committee will evaluate and make recommendations related to past discussion about a geographic focus on Metro NYC.


Group Tour and Travel Trade Sales Committee

Chair: Halee Whiting, Hampton Inn Henrietta
Staff Liaison:  Greg Marshall
Meetings and Duration: all year


This committee will collectively present Greater Rochester as a preferred destination and stopover in travel trade and group tour programs.  Members will work collaboratively on the development of sales missions, tradeshows exhibits and overall market development.  Visit Rochester incentive based programs will provide members of the committee with resources to help them undertake sales related travel.  The committee will also work on a June 2016 product development program.


Visitor/Student Impressions Committee: What They See and Do!

Staff Liaison:  Greg LaDuca
Meetings and Duration:  Monthly Feb - Nov


This committee will address the fact that visitors and students visually assess a destination from the moment they arrive until the time they depart.  What guests and students see in Greater Rochester good and bad-is impactful and creates and image of our area.   Personal interaction with visitors and students is often a major factor in development of perceptions.
This working committee will “walk in the shoes” of visitors and students with the intent to assess the experience from their prospective.  The experience will help provide content for the frontline training and engagement programs administered by Visit Rochester.  Committee members will become visitors as they play the roles of “secret shopper” at facilities and among those who regularly encounter area visitors.    Onsite interaction with visitors and students at hotels, events and on campuses will be a major topic of this committee’s engagement.

Sporting Events and Tournaments Opportunities

Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison:  Rich Mackey
Meetings and Duration:  Monthly Feb - Nov

This committee will review trends in the sports market segment.  It will evaluate and discuss developments and competitive approaches with an eye towards determining future emphasis.  The committee will work together to assess current venue options available and identify citywide sporting citywide bids worth “trying” as a result of our resources.  Members will learn together while helping create a vision for 2018 and beyond.