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Visitor Industry Council 2016 Committees and Task Forces

2016 Return on Involvement Form

Visitor Industry Council (VIC) committees and task forces combine the expertise and passion of Visit Rochester members with the resources and knowledge of professional staff.   Together, they execute select programs related to the 2016 Business Plan.  The intent of these VIC programs is to attract visitors, care for them while they are in our region, extend stays and to encourage repeat visitation.  Additional VIC work includes examination of programs and advocacy for future projects.  VIC committees and task forces are open to members of Visit Rochester who believe they can add and gain value from their participation.

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The Connection Committee

Visit Rochester Liaison – Wendy Ford & Greg LaDuca

Meetings: Monthly through November 2016

Committee members will work collectively to leverage the significant opportunities associated with locals and college-related faculty, staff, administrative and student bodies, whom are affiliated with organizations,k to persuade these people to gain enthusiasm for the Rochester area as a meeting site. Affiliation research, events and interactive on-campus programs will be par ot the committee's endeavors. This committee will work in tandem with the convention sales and services divisions of Visit Rochester and tie closely with the next phase of Visit Rochester's Ambassador Program.

Regional Marketing; A Collaborations Task Force

Visit Rochester Liaison – Greg Marshall
Meetings: Three (3), March – May

This task force will review the wide range of organizations and entities that have a stake in regional tourism marketing and development.  It will seek to delineate the programs of each and identify the most effective ways for Visit Rochester to interact and invest resources.  The intent is to strengthen Visit Rochester as both a partner and a beneficiary of regional programming.

Social Media & Website--Now We Lead!

Visit Rochester Liaison - Calin Lawrence
Meetings: Monthly through December

This committee will build upon past years’ work and move Visit Rochester into a stronger leadership position in its social media-related marketing.   A series of recommended programs will be designed and will commence with input from this committee.  Regional entities that can become allies and benefit from Visit Rochester’s social media programs will be engaged.  Programs will be determined for future membership engagement with the website including special offers and events.

 Visitor Research Task Force- Options and Outcomes 2016-17

 Visit Rochester Liaison-Greg Marshall and Diana Rapp
 Meetings:  Four (4), April, May, June & September

As Visit Rochester seeks to maintain a high level of efficiency and market performance, the role of research and fact-based information continues to be critical.  This task force will review research that currently exists and determine what is needed and desired to enhance market-based decision making. The task force will discuss metrics-related research for ongoing programs and will review resources and options available to acquire needed research in the future.

Target Market Sales Mission and Hosting Committee

Visit Rochester Liaison – Carol Bartlett
Meetings: TBD, February – December

This committee will work with Visit Rochester’s convention sales staff to review and expand the success of feeder market sales programs in the meetings and convention market.  Participants can expect to collectively travel and engage with clients in group and individual settings.  Members will also act as client hosts when client guests are brought to Rochester to experience our community as a site for their future meetings and conventions.

MEET:  Meeting Extension and Expansion Team

Visit Rochester Liaison – Amanda Pfeil
Meetings: Monthly: February – November

This Committee will work to develop and deploy programs persuading inbound convening organizations to adopt and promote accompanying person and stay extension programs.  Members will identify enticing itineraries and themes and then facilitate communication programs that present regional resources as reasons to bring additional attendees and stay longer.  The intent is to enhance existing conferences in terms of benefit to Rochester, and to make conventions significantly more memorable and enjoyable for attendees.

 The Family Market - Next Steps to Success

Visit Rochester Liaison – Greg Marshall & Diana Rapp
Meetings: Six (6), February – May, August - September

This Committee will evaluate past programs focused on marketing to families with children and determine which components provide the best foundation to move forward.  The intent is to develop a series of seasonal programs that benefit investing partners and Visit Rochester members as a whole.    Additionally, the committee will evaluate and make recommendations related to past geographic focus related to Metro NYC.

Group Tour and Travel Trade Sales Committee

Visit Rochester Liaison:  Greg Marshall & Sonia Asencio
Meetings:  Monthly

This committee will collectively present Greater Rochester as a preferred destination and stopover in travel trade and group tour programs.  Members will work collaboratively on the development of sales missions, tradeshows exhibits and overall market development.  Visit Rochester incentive based programs will provide members of the committee with resources to help them undertake sales related travel.  The committee will also work on a June 2016 product development program.

 Visible Rochester / Visitor Experience

  Visit Rochester Liaison – Greg LaDuca
   Meetings: Five (5), March, April, May, September, and October

Visitors begin to visually assess a destination from the moment they arrive to the time they depart.  What visitors to Greater Rochester see and how they interpret it-good or bad-is impactful and creates and image of our area.   Members will work to identify components of the community that strongly affect a visitor’s perception and recommend activities and alliances that will enhance the visitor experience.   Part of this Task Force’s work will be to help identify partners and resources that can be shared to enhance visible appeal. The committee will "walk in the shoes" of a visitor witht eh intent to assess the experience from a visitors prospective.