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The Strong Museum Discovery Garden

Located just outside The Strong’s main entrance, museum guests may enjoy a seasonal Discovery Garden abundant with trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and ground cover selected specifically to attract butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.

Step through the dramatic garden gate into a 9,000-square-foot urban oasis: Take a peek at whimsical fairy houses donated by artist Chris Pallace. Discover more than 300 varieties and species of plants. Explore twisting paths and hidden nooks. Marvel at the monarch butterflies. Sit for a spell in the gazebo. Listen to the calls of the birds and the bubbling of the pond. Play a game of hopscotch or ring toss. Make music with whimsical steel chimes. 

The Discovery Garden is open seasonally during regular museum hours. Discovery Garden admission is free.

Certified Monarch Way Station

In addition to providing museum guests with opportunities for discovery, learning, and play, the Discovery Garden provides essential resources for butterflies and other wildlife. In fact, The Strong’s Discovery Garden is a certified monarch way station. This designation signifies that the garden has sufficient host and nectar plants to provide suitable habitat for migrating and non-migrating monarch butterflies. Way stations, like the one at The Strong, help to protect and conserve habitat to ensure the continuation of the monarch’s annual migration.

Facility Info

  • Reception Capacity 300
  • Banquet Capacity 290

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