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Rochester Institute of Technology

Leave the planning to us! Whether you're planning a conference, special event, association meeting, religious or sports camp, you can depend on one of our experienced event planners to work with you from start to finish. RIT's Conferences and Special Events staff provides a full range of services, including comprehensive event management, assistance with registration materials, coordination of housing and meeting space, dining and catering arrangements, and technical support - all custom tailored for your event. The 52,000-square-foot MAGIC Spell Studios is the only one of its kind in the Northeast and boasts the latest in technology and design, rivaling media production studios in New York City and Hollywood. Building features include: Wegmans Theater at RIT—A 180-seat theater with a projection booth and a cinema-quality audio-video system with 4K projection capabilities showcases academic and commercial productions and accommodate film showings, computer game events, and guest speakers. Sound stage—A 7,000-square-foot area that provides resources and space to student filmmakers. With storage, a control room and green room facilities, the sound stage will be equipped for use with green screen and motion-capture capabilities and meets the requirements for the New York state film tax credit. Baselight Color Correction Suite—This tiered 50-seat color correction room doubles as a screening room. 2D animation lab—A 2D animation lab is one of five labs designed around core principles of learning by doing. The labs, which include a 3D animation lab, facilitate education and hands-on interaction in film and animation and game design and can also be used to support commercial and academic activities, research and experimental work, hackathons, game jams and more. Sound mixing facility—A tiered 40-seat audio-to-video mixing suite comes complete with mixing board, professional theater-quality audio systems, professional acoustics based on Dolby standards, and a voice-over/isolation booth. Innovation suite—An academic and commercial startup environment that combines student workspaces with high-end computing capability with academic and commercial offices. Collaborative partner suite—This area supports next-tier product development and collaborative work with external corporate partners and internal start-up. Forbes Media is the first in-residence company and RIT students have already helped develop a new web platform that the company is rolling out for its writers. Demo lounge—Designed for demos, client briefings and showcases, this space includes a media wall, theater sound and lighting controls, virtual reality and augmented reality capability, and a workplace for clients, partners, guests and dignitaries to showcase digital media capabilities. VR/AR Lab—Features an updated and the expanded presence of the MAGIC VR/AR Lab, which serves the campus as a place for exploration and experimentation with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, platforms, and hardware.


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