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Your Sixth Sense

Have you had a psychic experience? Was it scary or intriguing? Do you think such experiences are real or imaginary? What if we were to show you how an understanding of energy and consciousness is the basis for psychic communication and experiences? People have psychic experiences more than they realize, but this form of communication is still shrouded in fearful and outdated beliefs. Our modern science confirms what the ancients knew-that our spirit is an unseen force and our connection to it is our intuition and expanded awareness. Now is the time to embrace a new awareness of extrasensory experiences and shed centuries of mystery and mythology. In this class, you will be introduced to what is behind our psychic experiences and how the brain interprets the energy information it is receiving. You will learn the tips and terms professional psychic-mediums know and use in readings every day, and how you can use this knowledge to better understand your encounters. Such as:

. I saw something dark in my bedroom, am I being haunted?
. Can a negative entity attach itself to me?
. Does a psychic just read minds?
. What happens to people who commit suicide?
. How do I stop the negative energy I feel?

Through discussion and interactive exercises, you'll find a contemporary and
fresh approach that informs and empowers by releasing old fears in a way
that provides peace of mind in understanding your sixth sense.

Please note: Your class fee includes a copy of the book "Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium - Unlocking the Myths"