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Wilcox Residency II: Meghan Koch and the Gentleman Callers

“Popular music of the last 9 decades”
In 2011, Adam was playing in a church band with the remarkable Meghan Koch. He asked her, “If I make you a band, are you into in?” “Sure,” she said. As a pianist, Meghan (now Kehrer) can play concertos, swing like Monk, or give you the pop styles of Elton John and Sara Bareilles. But it’s the voice that moves you: smooth, pure, supple, and taking you to the heart of every lyric.
The Gentleman Callers provide the perfect setting. Jeff Love provides a timeless mood with his blues/folk/classical nylon string guitar. Trombonist Pete Hasler is the secret weapon, dropping the horn to play every instrument known to mankind: flute, sax, trumpet, penny whistle, guitar, bass, triangle, you name it. Add four-part harmonies and a recovering rock rhythm section (Marty York and Adam Wilcox of The Dan Eaton Band), and you get something swinging, lilting, tilting, fun, and moving.
From Tin Pan Alley to Nashville by way of psychedelic San Fran, that’s Meghan Koch and the Gentleman Callers