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Vineyard Experience at Dr. Konstantin Frank

July: Fridays 11 AM and 2 PM, Saturdays 2 PM, Sundays 11 AM and 2 PM
August: Fridays 11 AM and 2 PM, Saturdays 2 PM, Sundays 11 AM and 2 PM

Undoubtedly the most beautiful time in the vineyard as the youthful grapes begin to develop into this year’s fruit. Upon being greeted with a welcome wine, a wine educator will lead you through several vineyard sites with hands-on experiences related to the current state of the growing season. Two wines will be enjoyed in the vineyard from where it's made. Once the tour is complete, a seated flight of wines including Margrit Dry Riesling, Pinot Gris, Amber Rkatsiteli, and Gewurztraminer Winter Ferment are paired with chef’s seasonal bites. A finale tasting is offered afterwards featuring three additional Dr. Konstantin Frank wines.

About the 1886 Food and Wine Experience:
In the early days, Dr. Konstantin Frank won the hearts of wine consumers not just for his incredible viticulture innovations but for the one-on-one personal tasting experiences he provided. In the early years, the winery didn’t have a formal tasting room. In those days, Konstantin invited visitors onto the front porch of his home overlooking Keuka Lake, where they would spend time savoring his wines enjoying conversation and most importantly, learning. Often times these visits included Eugenia’s culinary treats to pair with the wines.

50 years later these visitors still remember the personal wine tasting experiences that they had with Konstantin and his wife Eugenia. Our 1886 Food and Wine Experience brings us back to our roots. Back to the days at the winery when every tasting was personal. When visitors could take their time, learn savor our wines and experience the Frank family legacy firsthand.