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Tuesday Pipes

Every Tuesday, Eastman students, faculty, and alumni present free organ concerts at Christ Church in downtown Rochester. Come out on your next lunch break!

Christ Church is home to two of Rochester’s most prized instruments. The Craighead-Saunders Organ is a scientific process reconstruction of an instrument that still exists today in Vilnius, Lithuania, created by the central German organ builder Adam Gottlob Casparini in 1776. Completed after six years of research into eighteenth-century organ design, it is perhaps the only instrument in the United States where one can hear the music of Bach just as Bach would have heard it. On the other side of the pews, the Hook & Hastings Organ represents the American Romantic tradition, featuring original pipes from 1862 and 1893.

Christ Church is located just across from the Eastman School, a short walk from numerous lunchtime hotspots in Rochester’s East End. Experience Eastman’s pipe organs before grabbing lunch at Java’s Café, Spot Coffee, Golden Port Dim Sum, Vive Bistro, Matthew’s East End Grill, Victoire, and many others.