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The Suffragist City Parade

The 2018 Suffragist City Parade, a project of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, will take place in Rochester, NY. Our theme is Organize! Agitate! Educate!

With Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass as  icons at the forefront, Rochester claims the identity: “Suffragist City.” Anthony and Douglass were two of the most powerful voices for voting rights for all, along with other courageous leaders, including many from our state. They believed we must be a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” They championed the vote as the means to a more just society with a government that serves the needs of the people. This parade celebrates our heritage, encourages full participation in our democracy, and inspires us to continue the work for liberty, equality, and justice for all humanity.

The Parade is an occasion to:

  • Educate about voting rights and encourage voter participation at every level.
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals, groups, and communities to collaborate through a creative, engaging, participatory, and celebratory educational experience.
  • Celebrate historical and contemporary role models who inspire us through their work to shape a better society for all — share their images, share their names, share their accomplishments.

 The .75-mile parade route will take participants down West Main Street and north on Madison Street past the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. Marchers will disperse in Susan B. Anthony