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Historically, pyrography was used to decorate and brand various tools and musical instruments. Kitchenware or folk guitars were marked with a little bit of art both to convey the owner’s personality, and to distinguish their stuff from other people’s. This class explores the art of wood burning using a wood burning iron (soldering iron) with interchangeable metal tips to achieve desired creative results. The class will begin with an overview of the art medium, care instructions to handle the soldering iron, and a demo of how to get started with techniques to achieve various results. Basic techniques include outlining, shading, and applying textures. The class price includes all supplies for the class. Each student will open their own basic pyrography kit with three basic interchangeable tips and will be able to take it home with them to pursue it on their own. A full array of additional soldering tips and lettering tips will be available in class to experiment with.

Please note: Students should bring a subject with them to class to get them going, such as a pattern, picture, or organic object and expect to leave with at least 2 projects on small wood slices. If students have their own surfaces they want to wood burn on, such as a lock box, picture frame, or some other unfinished wood surface, they are encouraged to bring it. Burning a wood piece with a stain, paint, or polyurethane finishing chemical can create dangerous and toxic fumes. While doing pyrography, it will smell like a campfire. It smells wonderful and differently depending on the wood, but if this smell bothers you or you are allergic to it, please do not attend. The soldering irons are very hot so caution is required.