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Super City 2019

Super City will take place on August 23rd and 24th and will be a truly inclusive pop culture event. Our events and activities are spread out throughout downtown Rochester, NY with our HQ on Anson Place!

Our mission is to breakout of the classic convention-style event and flood the streets with pop culture, enthusiasts, and activities that highlight our great city.

Your mission, (if you choose to accept it) is to grab your friends. Grab your family. Get dressed-up as your favorite comic, anime, video game, cartoon, sci-fi, or other pop culture character, have some fun, and make history.   

Activities include:

  • Cosplay record attempt
  • Pop culture movies & cartoons
  • Live music & events
  • Comics & collectibles
  • A city transformed!

Super City 2019 will include events, venues, and activities all over downtown Rochester.

Venues & Locations:

  • HQ – Anson Place

  • Anthology

  • Pop Roc

  • The Little Theatre

  • The Rochester Museum and Science Center