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Strike (1925) with Musical Accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra

The renowned Alloy Orchestra returns to the Dryden to perform live musical accompaniment in a cinematic experience not to be missed!

The workers of the world unite in this forceful, brilliantly constructed film of labor triumphant against brutal factory owners, government inspectors, and police spies. The official purpose of this government-sponsored project was to inform the masses, but Eisenstein believed that films should not merely impart information but sensation and impression as well. His debut feature is thus made up of images of collective action and a brilliant “montage of attractions”: a cinematic perpetual motion machine, with each action or movement yielding its force to a subsequent one, all towards the utopian goal of worker solidarity and emancipation.

Presented in partnership with the Rochester Labor Council’s Pettengill Labor Education Fund. Special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.