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In partnership with Bivona Child Advocacy Center, the George Eastman Museum presents a special screening of the 2016 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Spotlight (Tom McCarthy, US/Canada 2015, 128 min., DCP), starring George Eastman Award winner Michael Keaton. A reception with light refreshments will be held from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Curtis Theatre. The film begins at 6 p.m. in the Dryden.

Under the direction of new editor Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber), the Boston Globe’s elite investigative team, known as Spotlight, is tasked with delving into decades’ worth of child-abuse claims against the Catholic Church. Led by Walter “Robby” Robinson (Michael Keaton), the journalists begin to uncover a massive scandal involving sexual abuse and the willful ignorance perpetrated by the Church within the city of Boston. Facing political opposition and resistance from the far-reaching in uence of the Church, the reporters put together an explosive expose´ on a corrupt system. Based on the true events of the 2002 investigation by the Globe, the star-studded Spotlight also features Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, John Slattery, Billy Crudup, and Stanley Tucci.

Followed by a panel discussion focusing on the broader issue of child sexual abuse and the need to break through the secrecy that surrounds it