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Rediscover Douglass: A Bicentennial Celebration

You won’t want to miss this Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Celebration, hosted by the Douglass Leadership Institute, His Way House and the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY - It is sure to encourage, entertain, challenge and educate you, as we unify to not just keep talking about the problems we know are facing our communities BUT bring effective solutions and action. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rediscover-douglass-a-bicentennial-celebration-tickets-50004224983

Come for part of the day or the whole day
A FREE Lunch is included with the day for those who RSVP.

Questions? Call: 585-8807580 or 585-615-9551 - events@fdfny.org/president@fdfny.org/ chaplainakreutz@gmail.com

Come ReDiscover or Discover Frederick Douglass as Rochester welcomes The honorable Rev. Dean Nelson to Rochester, NY. He is one the nation’s leading Frederick Douglass activists and Federal Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commissioner, which is only the 16th commemorative commission created by Congress since 1989, only the sixth that commemorated a specific individual, and the first to commemorate an African American. In other words, this is big. BIG!

Memorials in honor of Fredrick Douglass are found throughout Rochester, including murals, statues and even a bridge named after him and his friend Susan B Anthony. Let us explore the life and legacy of Douglass, as we bring together scholars, church leaders, pastors, members of the public, activists, educators, civil servants, professionals, entrepreneurs and students of all ages—to preserve his legacy and to learn how to apply these lessons and solutions of his legacy to the crises affecting our communities today. Through a unique educational and informational forum, we are engaging and empowering people of faith, we are encouraging solutions to engrain the importance of education with hopes of strengthening our community and inspiring one another to do and be more and to take positions of leadership in urban communities.

Dean Nelson along with many locals who will be running Breakout sessions and Training Seminars throughout the Day.

Such As:
Mike Peace
Pastor John Walker
Jim Havens
Peter Burch
Jim Harden
And Others……..

We will also have drawings and free giveaways throughout the day.

This program is to honor Frederick Douglass, who was born into slavery on the Eastern Shore of America in 1818. After escaping slavery, Douglass became an ordained minister, a renowned abolitionist, an orator, an author, a diplomat, a leader in the woman’s suffrage movement, an adviser to 4 Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, and more. Douglass is no doubt one of the most impactful African-Americans of the nineteenth century and one of the greatest historical figures and orators of all time.

Douglass said, “What is possible for me is possible for you.” By taking the keys to success and making them his own, Frederick Douglass created a life of honor, respect and success.

Join us Sept 29th, 2018
This Sponsored Program is Free and open to the public.

Integrity…Justice…Virtue…Respect…Honor…Responsibility…Success…Hard work…People of Faith… Leadership

10:30 am Registration and Networking Hour:
Business leaders and professionals, entrepreneurs, marketplace ministry leaders, the general public and those looking for employment or employees.

11:30 pm Program begins: Hear from Dean Nelson, John Walker, Mark Dupre, and othe
12:15 pm Working Lunch Break out sessions/ seminars - you can only choose one: Human Life, Politics & Activism, Education and Success, Politics, Strengthening the family, Law enforcement, community relations, and Civil /rights,
2:05 pm Q & A with Panel / Audience discussions and wrap up
3:00 Closing