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Realizing Peace Through the Natural World

There are so many components that make this event particularly rich. Included is a presentation and book signing by Robin Kimmerer, Iroquois White Corn lunch, and forest therapy nature walk:

Celebrated author and botanist Robin Kimmerer shares an interactive presentation on “The Gift of Plants,” exploring the many ways in which the native plants offer us gifts of food, materials, medicine, and beauty. Kimmerer shares her understanding of how plants are our oldest teachers and encourages people to consider how humans can act in reciprocity to care for plants. Presentation is followed by a book signing and light Iroquois White Corn lunch, then a forest therapy walk with Finger Lakes Forest Therapy on Ganondagan's trails as way to engage participants in a full sensory experience with nature and create a deeper connection with the Earth.

To register, call (585) 742-1690 or online at http://ganondagan.org/Events-Programs