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Puerto Rican Festival

The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated was formulated in 1969 for the express purpose of celebrating and recognizing the culture of Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans continue to be one of the largest growing Hispanic populations in New York State. This growth now makes Monroe County and the City of Rochester home to the second largest population of Hispanics in New York State.

The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated sponsors a variety of events, which serve to share and celebrate Puerto Rican culture. The Puerto Rican Festival is the longest running cultural festival in the County of Monroe. The festival is an annual three-day event, which averages a daily attendance of 7,000 people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated prides itself on the fact that this festival allows the public free access during the day and only requires an entry fee for the evening activities. The entry fee is kept to a minimum to make the festival a family event in recognition of the value Puerto Ricans place on the family as a whole.