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Paranormal Investigation and Haunted Rochester

You've seen paranormal investigation shows on TV, but did you know that we have paranormal investigations going on right here in Rochester, too? Join Monroe County Paranormal Investigations to get a glimpse into what paranormal investigators do, what separates the real world of paranormal investigation from TV and movies, and to find out why they do what they do. They'll also share a brief summary of reported hauntings in and around Monroe county!

About the teachers:
Rob Pistilli founded Monroe County Paranormal Investigations in 2002. He is a veteran of over 500 private home investigations and has been consulted on investigations throughout the country. Stories of the cases that he has led investigations on have been published in five books.

Brian Cardilli has been involved with Monroe County Paranormal Investigations since 2007 and serves as the case manager/lead investigator on many cases. He serves as the resident skeptic and continues to investigate with an open mind and search for answers to help each and every client.