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Do you suffer from debilitating headaches weekly, monthly or even annually? Have you sought help from traditional doctors and spent countless hours on Web MD with no real solutions? If you have, you are not alone. Migraines are a huge problem in our country. They affect millions of people and cost us billions in health care. And many people who have been treated are still suffering. The question we really need to ask is “what’s causing my migraine?”, not just "what can I take to make them go away?" This class will provide you with an in-depth look at how to determine your potential unique causes, some integrative treatment strategies that are gentler than medications and some of the biggest contributors to migraines: hormone imbalance, food intolerance and environment.

Please note: Class will take place at Well Works located at 2851 Clover Street in the Tobey Office Park Village complex. Please park in the first lot on right and follow the sidewalks to the Barn Bazaar courtyard. WellWorks is located straight ahead on the ground level.