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Miche Fambro

Gifted with a silky smooth voice oft compared to Nat King Cole’s, and possessed of a delicate yet confident jazz-meets-flamenco guitar style, Miche Fambro is a refreshing breath of musical air in world that needs joyous, healing music.

Incorporating elements of pop, funk and classical music into his style as well, Fambro has made a dozen recordings over the years, including a number with his former band, Miche & the Anglos, as well as on his own. Whether sharing his talent with an intimate house concert audience, the happy travelers on a cruise ship or with thousands of fans at a big name show, since the mid-1980s Fambro has been one of the most popular entertainers in NY, and has toured extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

In 2019, Miche was invited to appear with some of the world's most esteemed guitarists at the International Guitar Festival in Deggendorf, Germany, and will be returning to Europe in early 2020.
Check out the man Rolling Stone called "a quiet storm," and who earned these plaudits from ListeningRoomNetwork.com: "This guy is not only a classical guitar virtuoso; he's got a set of vocal pipes that are unbelievable … a fantastic performance unlike any I've ever heard.”